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How to Treat Psoriasis on Your Face

Psoriasis is a medical condition in which there is a buildup of rough, dry, and dead skin cells that creates reddish-pink skin areas. It can occur anywhere on the body, even on the face. If you have psoriasis on your face, you will want to treat it carefully, as the face has very sensitive areas of skin. In most cases, it is most effective to use a variety of treatment types to minimize psoriasis, including traditional medicine and natural medicine. These treatments include topical medications, light therapy, and supplements to your diet.

How to Help Your Child Deal with Cliques

Expert Reviewed If your child needs help dealing with a clique, you should get more information from teachers and encourage your child to talk to you and other authority figures. Equip your child with conflict resolution and anger management techniques. Organize a conflict mediation session that includes parents, teachers, and other stakeholders if necessary. Your child might also need help dealing with a clique they are in. Help your child avoid feeling trapped or constrained by their clique by encouraging them to extend their peer group and take a leadership role within the clique.

How to Do Viking Braids

If you’re a fan of braided hairstyles, you’ll never get bored. From French to fishtail to Dutch to waterfall, there is no shortage of unique braid styles. If you’re looking for a fierce yet simple new braid to try, look no further than the Viking braid. Popularized by the television show Vikings, these braids have become extremely trendy. Because there are so many variations of this style, you even have room to get creative.

How to Enhance Trust Using Gratitude

It’s a well-known fact that people who practice gratitude are healthier, happier, and more resilient than those who don’t. Gratitude can increase the level of trust in your life as well. Adopting a thankful outlook will help you trust other people more readily. When you demonstrate goodwill to others, they’ll be appreciative and trust you more, too. To enhance the trust in your life, work on establishing the habit of gratitude, and look for ways you can apply it with your family, friends, and coworkers.

How to Enjoy Cholesterol‐Friendly Desserts

Enjoying cholesterol-friendly desserts is possible if you make informed and mindful choices. When baking, opt to rid your recipes of cholesterol by using alternatives to animal products (e.g. egg substitutes, fruit purees, banana, and soy-based products.) Be sure to reduce baking times and temperatures when lowering the fat content of your recipes. Choose vegan dessert options for guaranteed cholesterol-free treats by looking up vegan recipes, visiting a vegan bakery, and downloading vegan-friendly apps.

How to Tone Your Abs with Flutter Kicks

Expert Reviewed Maybe you're getting a little soft around the midsection, but you hate the thought of doing crunches. The good news is, you don't have to do crunches to get the abs you've always wanted. You can tone your abs with flutter kicks — a simple exercise that can be done at home without purchasing any equipment. To lose weight around your midsection, however, it's equally important to work in some cardio, such as jogging or cycling, and eat a healthy diet.

How to Pick Freshwater Plants

Natural aquarium plants are perfect for freshwater tanks, and some people even have plant-only aquariums! Pet stores usually carry quite an impressive array of plants nowadays, making it easier for anyone to make their tank a bit more interesting. Sadly, not every plant works for every situation, and rapidly dying plants are common. Be a smart consumer and read up on how to pick the best plant for your tank!

How to Deal with Failure to Launch Syndrome

Expert Reviewed Thanks to a changing economic and social landscape, an increasing number of young adults are living with their parents well into their 20s and even 30s. Financial hardship, lack of motivation, and mental health problems are among the many reasons for this “failure to launch” phenomenon. If your adult child has taken up residence in your basement after finishing college, or if they never left in the first place, there are some steps you can take to help them become independent. First, ascertain that they are really suffering from failure to launch syndrome. After that, establish clear boundaries and expectations, and help your child develop the skills they need to thrive on their own.

How to Make Gougeres (French Cheese Puffs)

Cheese gougères are essentially French cheese puffs. They are great to serve as an alternative to dinner rolls or as a tasty appetizer. Gougères should be crispy on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside. Make plenty of these cheese puffs because they are quick to eat and tend to go fast. To make cheese gougères, prep the ingredients and tools, mix your ingredients and form the balls, and serve them while they are hot and steamy on the inside.

How to Make Yourself Go to Sleep on Time

Getting enough sleep can be a difficult feat to accomplish in today’s world. Getting through the day tired and de-energized is rough on a person, both mentally and physically. If you struggle with getting to sleep at a reasonable time, there are a few things you can do. By eliminating distractions in your bedroom and creating a bedtime routine that you follow each night, you can help train your body to get ready for sleep at a normal time.