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Today, 07:00
How to Turn Off Satellite View on Google Maps on iPhone or iPad
Community Tested This wikiHow teaches you how to switch to the regular map view (instead of satellite mode) in Google Maps on an iPhone or iPad.
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Yesterday, 23:00
How to Go Plogging
Plogging is a new way to jog while cleaning up the planet. It's a craze that began in Sweden in 2016, with the term plogging being a combination of the Swedish word for pick up "plocka upp" and "jogga" (jogging). The motivation behind plogging includes reducing the load of plastic litter in our environment, as well as keeping fit in a way that stretches the body through bending and
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Yesterday, 14:00
How to Call Hawaii
Hawaii is a beautiful, tropical location for living and vacationing, but it can seem really far away if your friends and loved ones are there. Whether you’re in the United States or across the world, you can quickly and easily get in touch with someone in Hawaii with a simple phone call!
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Yesterday, 11:00
Community Tested Cocktail umbrellas are a great way to bring a tropical theme to any drink. They can be difficult to find, but luckily, they are easy to make. While they won't open and close like the store-bought umbrellas, you will be able to choose the exact color and pattern you want.
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18-05-2018, 23:00
If you think that your Watchlist on IMDb just isn't enough, there are ways to create, remove and make adjustments to custom lists on IMDb. This feature gives you the ability to create your own lists to save whatever sets of movies, films, or people you'd like to the site under your account.
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18-05-2018, 18:00
How to Relieve Hand Cramps
Expert Reviewed Hand cramps happen to us all. They may come up more frequently as you age, or if you have a job that requires repetitive hand and wrist movement. Most hand cramps can be easily treated at home, but medical treatment may be necessary, depending on the cause. Fortunately, it’s also possible to prevent hand cramps!
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18-05-2018, 14:00
How to Highlight Every Other Row on Google Sheets on PC or Mac
Community Tested This wikiHow teaches you how to use a custom formatting formula to highlight all the even or odd-numbered cells in a Google Sheets spreadsheet with a color fill, using a desktop internet browser.
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18-05-2018, 07:00
How to Reduce iPhone Data Usage
Community Tested This wikiHow teaches you different ways to reduce your iPhone’s data usage by making changes to your settings.
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17-05-2018, 18:00
How to Teach Gratitude to Adults
Expert Reviewed If you want to teach a friend or relative about gratitude, ask them to reflect on what life would be like without the people, places, and things they value most. Suggest that they write about things they appreciate in a journal and to express gratitude to their loved ones regularly. If they’re dealing with hardship, let them know that gratitude isn’t just about listing
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17-05-2018, 11:00
How to Set Up a RetroPie
This wikiHow will explain how to use Raspberry Pi 3 to create a RetroPie, which will play all of your favorite vintage (and even modern) video games on one Raspberry Pi device. This guide is meant for people using a Mac to transfer the software to their Raspberry Pi.
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