How to Win a Grand Prix in F Zero Gx

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27-09-2016, 14:00
Are you frustrated when you play F-Zero GX? Do you hate seeing Mrs. Arrow zoom past you on the second lap? Do you hate it when Black Shadow retires you just before the finish line? Are you just really bad at F-Zero GX? No worries, here are some steps and tips that will lead you to victory.


  1. Learn which machine suits your style. If you prefer to speed past your enemies without making contact, a machine with a high Boost but low body is the best for you. Try the Golden Fox. If you prefer to cause as much damage as possible, and THEN go for the victory, try the Fire Stingray or the Wild Goose, both of which have strong bodies. If you're just starting to play, use Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon. His machine is perfectly balanced. Literally.
  2. Before a Grand Prix, study EVERY track that you will be racing on in the machine you will be using.
  3. Don't worry about victory on the first lap. You might be really mad that someone as bad as Dr. Clash is in first place, but you can pass him on the second or third lap.
  4. As soon as the race starts, crush as many people as you can. Crashing people earns you energy and if you crash five machines you earn an extra life. Assuming you won, the people who are threatening your victory will be next to you. Dispatch your rival with a Spin Attack or a Side Attack as soon as possible. You won't be sorry.
  5. Boost as much as possible JUST BEFORE hitting the Pit Strips. Once your Energy meter is full, Boost again. The Pits refill your Energy ridiculously quickly, so if you don't have anything to refill, you are wasting time.
  6. Don't Boost if you don't need to. If you've passed everyone, don't Boost unless they are gaining. They will almost certainly pass you when you have no more Energy.
  7. Keep in mind that you don't have to win every race in order to win the title. You just have to make sure that your rival doesn't.
  8. Above all, have fun. F-Zero is a game, and if you lose, you can always try again.


  • Try the Novice class first, THEN go for the Standard. You'll be used to the tracks, plus you'll have some tickets.
  • Remember that F-Zero is not a typical racing game. Techniques used for Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto probably won't work while playing.
  • Learn how to snake (See "Related Articles").
  • In a track with many twists and turns, set your machine up for Acceleration. It helps you regain speed after a turn.
  • In a track with long straightaways and wide turns, Max Speed is the way to go, unless you plan on snaking.
  • Try every machine on the same track with the same settings to find your favorite. It will be worth the 30-50 minutes of your time.
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