How to Buy Healthy Cat Food

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27-09-2016, 15:20
Expert Reviewed Buying cat food for your feline friend can be a big decision, as you want to make sure you are purchasing food that is healthy and beneficial for your cat. The cat industry is full of many different cat food brands, all advertising different ingredients. You can find cat food that will be good for your cat by first determining the type of cat food that fits your cat’s dietary needs. You should then research healthy cat food brands and buy these brands online or in store.

Selecting a Type of Cat Food

  1. Learn the different types of cat food. Before you can choose cat food for your cat, you should be aware of the type of food available for your feline friend. Your cat may need a certain type of cat food based on her temperament, her breed, and her dietary needs. There are four main types of cat food, including:
    • Dry cat food: This type of food is composed of small, compressed nuggets. Dry cat food is high in carbohydrates and may not be ideal for certain cats.
    • Wet cat food: This type of food comes in cans and is very moist and soft. The food is not dehydrated like dry cat food, so it has a higher moisture content and less calories than dry food.
    • Raw cat food: This type is made of mostly meat, vegetables, and/or grains. Some raw cat food also contains extra supplements for added health benefits. This type of food is supposed to mimic a cat’s natural diet.
    • Special formula cat food: This type of food is made for cats that have health issues like obesity or bone disease. Your vet will often recommend special formula cat food for your cat to help address certain medical issues.
  2. Consider the benefits of each type. You should think about which type of cat food will benefit your cat the most. Some cat owners believe in only feeding their cat canned food, as they believe it is healthier than dry food. Other owners argue that cats can stay healthy on either dry or wet food and pet owners should choose whatever type is most convenient for their budget. There is also an argument for the benefits of raw cat food, though this type can end up being expensive.
    • You may want to consider how often your cat drinks water. If she drinks lots of water throughout the day, she may be okay to just have dry cat food. But if your cat is not great at drinking water throughout the day, you may want to give her wet canned food, as it has a higher moisture content.
    • You may also try a blended diet for your cat, where you give her a mix of wet and dry cat food. This can be more cost effective for you as an owner and ensure your cat gets enough variety in her diet.
  3. Talk to your vet about the right type for your cat. You should always consult your veterinarian to find the right type of cat food for your cat. Getting your vet’s opinion will ensure your cat gets the nutrients she needs and stays healthy.
    • Your vet may perform a body condition analysis on your cat to help determine if your cat is overweight, underweight, or at her ideal weight. You can also do this analysis on your own. Try to feel your cat’s ribs. If you cannot feel them, she may be overweight and need to go on a particular diet.
    • Your vet may recommend that you put your cat on dry or wet food to address any health issues. They may also suggest a special formula cat food if your cat has a specific health problem, such as helping your overweight cat lose weight.

Researching Healthy Cat Food

  1. Make sure the food fits your cat’s life stage. You should check that the cat food is formulated for your cat’s age, or life stage. A kitten will have different nutritional needs than an adult or senior cat. You should go for a food that is suited to your cat’s age so she stays healthy. There are three life stages covered by cat food brands, including:
    • Kitten formula: This is food that is specially formulated for kittens. It will contain a higher amount of calories, protein, fat, calcium, and phosphorus to encourage healthy bone growth.
    • Adult cat formula: This food made for all adult cats and provides all the nutrients required for lifelong health.
    • Senior formula: This food is made for older cats and contains less calories. It will also have different nutrients to encourage joint health and cater to sensitive stomachs in senior cats.
  2. Look for healthy cat food brands. You may do an online search for cat food brands that are highly rated for their quality ingredients. You could then do your own research into certain cat food brands to find one that is right for your cat and your budget.
    • You can find a list of top cat food brands on and
    • You may also consult with your vet to create a list of healthy cat food brands that he or she recommends for your cat. You may then do your own research into these brands to find the cat food brand that is right for your cat and your budget.
  3. Read the label. You should read the ingredients listed on the label and make sure the first ingredient listed is meat or “meat meals.” Cats are carnivores and require meat in their diet to ensure they get enough protein. The cat food should be mostly meat, like beef, chicken, turkey, fish, or other meats.
    • Fat should also be listed as one of the first five ingredients, as cats also require a level of healthy fats in their diet. The type of fat will vary, but might be listed as a vegetable oil, like sunflower oil, or an animal fat product.
    • Be wary of terms like “gourmet," “premium," or “natural” on the label, as these have no standard definition and are not indicators of the quality of the food.
  4. Look for any allergens in the food. You should also check the ingredients list for any allergens, especially if your cat is prone to allergies. Avoid cat food that contains wheat, beef, chicken, and soy if your cat has an allergy or is prone to developing them.
  5. Check for grains and animal by-products. You should also look at the grain content in the food, as many cat foods use grains to provide enough carbohydrates in your cat’s diet. Most cats can digest and metabolize these carbohydrates as an energy source. But some cat owners try to avoid grains in their cat’s diets, especially if their cats are overweight or suffer from health issues.
    • Keep in mind grain-free foods are not necessary lower in carbohydrates. Some cat foods replace grains with another carbohydrate, like potatoes. If you are trying to put your cat on a low-carb diet, you should check that the food is free of high-carb ingredients.
    • You should also check the food for any animal by-products and make sure they are quality by-products like animal liver and lungs. Most high quality cat foods only use quality by-products and will not include by-products unfit for consumption.

Buying Healthy Cat Food

  1. Look for healthy cat food brands online. You can buy healthy cat food brands online through their website or through a third party site that sells different cat food brands. You may compare prices on different sites before you buy, especially if you are opting for a more expensive cat food brand.
    • You should also check for any discounts or special pricing for first time customers. You may also save money on the cat food by buying in bulk, though you should make sure your cat will consume all of the food before the expiry date to ensure you are feeding your cat fresh food.
  2. Buy cat food at your local pet store. You can also purchase cat food at your local pet store. You may already have a neighborhood pet store that you frequent and ask them if they carry a specific cat food brand. Or you may search for a pet store in your area that carries the cat food brand and type you are looking for.
  3. Ask your vet for a recommendation. Your veterinarian may be able to recommend a pet store that sells a specific cat food brand and type. Many vets are aware of different cat food brands and may know of a store that sells a certain type that they can recommend to their clients. Getting a recommendation from your vet could also ensure that the cat food is high quality and worth buying for your cat.
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