How to Grow Miniature Roses from Cuttings

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27-09-2016, 16:10
Miniature roses are small, fine-thorned species of roses, carrying all the characteristics of roses but in miniature. This article will explain how to grow miniature roses from cuttings.


  1. Experiment. Not all forms of miniature roses will take as cuttings, and unfortunately there is no foolproof list of which can be grown in this manner and which cannot. It depends on the soil, the climate, and the rose in question. So be prepared for some successes and some disappointments -- but do keep trying.
  2. Choose a healthy stem from the miniature rose from which you wish to propagate. Do this just after the flower has faded, and be sure that the stem has a minimum of three to four leaves.
  3. Remove the dead flower from the top. Do this by cutting just above the leaf closest to the dead flower.
  4. Make a bottom cut just below a leaf. Remove any excess dead leaves from the stem, ensure that at least three leaves remain on the stem. Dip the cutting in some honey; this helps protect the cutting from rotting, dying, or going moldy.
  5. Plant the cutting in a pre-prepared container already filled with free-draining mix. Gently pat into place and keep well-watered as it strikes. But make sure that the compost is not wet, as over-watering can kill the cutting; keep the cutting in moist compost.


  • Ensure that the item used to cut the stem is clean; clean it before use to avoid transferring any disease from other plants.
  • To encourage growth, you may want to place the cutting in a propagator or on a heat pad to create an environment where it will root faster and stronger.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden shears/snips
  • Gardening gloves
  • Pre-prepared container for planting
  • Miniature roses
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