How to Do the Orange Justice Dance

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22-03-2019, 01:00
One of the most popular dance moves on Fortnite is the Orange Justice dance. While it looks like a difficult dance, it is easy enough to learn. With a little practice, you’ll be dancing just like the Orange Shirt Kid in no time.

Moving Your Legs

  1. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Start by getting into position. You don’t want your feet too spread out, but you also don’t want your feet too close together. Imagine that your shoulders and feet are the four corners of an upright rectangle.
  2. Practice swaying your legs to your right. To sway your legs to the right, bend your knees as if someone is kicking them from your left side. Then practice until you get a feel for the movement and can do it without thinking.
  3. Try swaying your legs to the left. Once you’re able to sway your legs to the right, try doing it in the other direction. Just imagine that someone is kicking your knees from your right side.
  4. Sway your legs from side to side. If you can sway your legs to the left and to the right, then the next step is to try swaying your legs from side to side in a seamless movement. Practice just the leg movement for a few minutes or until you get a feel for it.

Adding the Arm Movements

  1. Cross your arms down and to your left as you sway your hips to the left. Make an ‘X’ shape with your arms. You should put your right arm on top of your left, and keep your palms facing your body.
  2. Put your arms down as you lean to the right. As you sway right, keep your left arm on the left side of your body, and your right arm on your right side. You’ll want to keep your palms facing your body.
  3. Sway left and open your arms. As you sway to the left, outstretch your arms up and to the side. Your arms should be in a “I don’t know gesture.”
  4. Sway to the right with your arms down. You should make your arms parallel, with your right arm on your right side, and your left arm on your left side. Keep your palms facing inward.
  5. Clap up as you move to the left. As you sway to the left, raise your arms in front of your face and clap. You should make a triangle with your arms with your head in the middle.
    • Your hands should be just above your head.
  6. Combine the leg and hand movements. Once you’ve got a feeling for doing the leg movements and the hand movements, try doing them at the same time. Go slow at first and then go faster when you get more comfortable doing it.
  7. Practice, practice, and practice. No one can master the orange justice dance in a day. Getting good at it takes lots of time and practice. Don’t give up if you can’t get it down right away. Stay positive and keep trying!
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