How to Make a Great Bedroom for Sleeping

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5-05-2019, 16:00
Do you have a hard time sleeping in your bedroom? Is it those yellow drapes, or those bright lights? What about the TV? Here is how to sleep-proof your bedroom.


  1. Find out what bothers you. Do you hate that TV and it's loud sounds? Is the streetlight outside annoying? What about the rough bed covers?
  2. Clean up your bedroom. Simple as that.
  3. Buy a new mattress. Find out how you sleep so you can find the right one.
  4. Find a quality pillow. Get one that is bound to stay comfy and nice through the years.
  5. Look for softer bed linens. If your sheets are okay, buy a soft blanket.
  6. Consider buying thermal drapes for your windows. They work wonders. They keep out the cold, block out light, and reduces outside noise.
  7. If you want, put thermal drapes over the doors to silence bathroom noise and the kids running down the hall.
  8. Buy a dimmer alarm clock. It will not keep you up as much as a regular one.
  9. Use a lamp that is dim to ease your eyes into sleep.
  10. Remove everything else off of your nightstand. It can distract you from your sleep.
  11. Remove the batteries from the TV remote! That way, you won't be tempted to turn it on.
  12. If you must bring an i-Device or mp3 player to bed, put the brightness level as low as possible and don't stay on it all night. Put it and the earbuds under your pillow, turn up the volume in the earbuds so that you can hear it through your pillow and sleep.
  13. Computers are distractions. Turn them off at 7pm and put them away (if it is a laptop.)
  14. Reposition your bed away from the windows or walls near heavily used rooms, like a living room or playroom.
  15. Paint your walls a darker color. Lime green will not help you fall asleep.
  16. Invest in a light with a dimmer. It will help you ease into sleep better.
  17. Remove photos on the wall, excess furniture, and other not needed items. They will distract you into looking around the room at stuff and not sleeping.
  18. Organize bathrooms and closets if necessary. If left unorganized, they will make you think, "Uh, I have to clean this and organize this and pick up this and wipe down this", and it puts unnecessary stress on you.


  • If these things are too much money for you, consider refurbishing your old stuff to make it better.
  • When painting, make sure the color is not too dark, otherwise you won't want to wake up in the morning.
  • Buy a bed with motion absorbing technology so that your spouse will not bother you when they wake up for work, need to get a drink, or move a lot.
  • Move your TV downstairs, if you must.
  • Close your doors at night that lead to closets or bathrooms. It makes the room feel simpler, which is exactly what we are going for.
  • If your spouse bothers you at night, buy a larger bed. They will have their own space and will not bother you with kicking/snoring/nose blowing/talking.
  • When painting your room, use dark colors, but not red. Blues, indigo, greys, forest greens and purples are great!


  • Have a baby monitor in your kids' rooms and your room if you can't hear them from your bedroom. They could be sick or hurt, and if you can't hear them, that's bad.
  • Don't sleep with earbuds or headphones in your ears. It is a strangulation issue.
  • Don't mess with an alarm clock's mechanics unless you know how (and I don't mean one swift look at the instructions or wikiHow.)
  • Never play heavy metal music when trying to fall asleep. It keeps most people awake . Use classical music or any instrumental music.
  • Try not to get fleece. It pulls and turns into a mess.

Things You'll Need

  • Thermal Drapes
  • A new mattress
  • Paint
  • Bed linens
  • Pillows
  • Dimmer alarm clock
  • Dimmer lamp
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