How to Be Good at Halo 4: Advanced

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14-05-2019, 13:00
Updated: February 14, 2019 Are you having a tough time playing Halo 4? This article will guide you through some of the most basic to most advanced tips of Halo 4! This can help if you are getting out-gunned all the time, or if you aren't making the best split second decisions We hope this article works well for you, and makes your Halo experience better than ever before!

Crouch Jump

  1. Learn to crouch jump.
  2. Click start on Xbox controller > Controller > crouch behavior > hold to crouch. Then just jump and hold crouch.
  3. It takes some practice. See what jumps you can do, and try them on different maps.


  1. Learn every single map you have. Go to Custom Game, and just jump around, and explore!
  2. Every time you see a new map that you don't recognize in Custom Games, follow these steps.
    • Click start to see Spartan hub.
    • Scroll down and click file share
    • Click map variants
    • Click temporary history
    • Find latest game you played, click Y on it, and it will be installed in custom game
  3. Now explore it.


  1. Go to War Games, and only play the playlist you want to improve in. If you want to improve in Rumble Pit, play it! You don't have to be good at everything to be good at the game! Pick one skill at a time!
  2. Check your in depth war game stats on [1], or you can focus on how well you are doing on a certain playlist on They are risk free!
  3. Pick a good button layout. Do you like to use the jet pack armor ability! Choose Default! Or if you are overly reliant on it, choose bumper jumper! It lets you have a devastating strafe, really good aim, and combined with the hold to crouch layout, it is awesome! But mess around with them and see what suits you.
  4. Pick a sensitivity that works for you. Most pro players find their sensitivity between 3-5. Higher sensitivities are always better, but if you are having trouble aiming, use a lower one. If your aim is spot on but you can't react as fast, just move it up. Practice makes perfect!

Master Your Grenades

Some general tips

  1. Mix up your strafe. Be creative! Move side to side unpredictably! Add crouches and jumps as well.
  2. A battle rifle or DMR is always better than an assault rifle. All you need to do is keep your distance.
  3. Make loadouts that suit your playstyle. If you are aggressive, use the battle rifle. Are you sneaky or passive? Use the DMR.
  4. Don't rage! People will be better than you! Raging only makes you less focused on gameplay! Keep calm.
  5. Transfer skills you developed from one playlist to another. Example: You just finished a team snipers game and you obviously used a sniper rifle. Than you go to a big team battle on Ragnarok, and none of your team members want the sniper. Pick it up! Every weapon is a good weapon if you use it correctly!
  6. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated! It works amazingly!
  7. Play with people who have the same goals as you. You may have friends on Xbox Live, and they love Flood! But you do not! You want to play Rumble Pit! Make a decision: Flood or Rumble Pit? Play with friends who want to play with you.
  8. Learn call outs. Call outs are just locations of the map. Make them quick and descriptive,
  9. Stay out of clans! Clans waste your time! They only go off recruiting for 8 hours straight. And no progress. Instead, organize a War Games team! Focus on War Games, not custom. Get better at the game! Try to win!


  • Thruster Pack is a highly recommended armor ability. Once your awareness has been perfected, Promethean Vision will be useless. And If you know how to crouch jump, then Jet Pack won't be needed.
  • Balance your time wisely! Don't get overboard with Halo!
  • The best way to practice is to play one or two games every day. Not playing for 16 hours on the weekends. Quick and Dirty beats long and hard. This is because your hands have to move instinctively, and your decision making should become part of you.


  • You are not the best player ever.
  • You won't always win.
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