How to Use Facebook Places

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3-06-2019, 01:00
Updated: March 29, 2019 Facebook's "Places" application allows you to use a location-based feature on your iPhone, and other smartphones. It lets you see where your friends are by sharing your real world location. In addition, you can see if any of your friends are checked in nearby, allowing you to connect with them if desired. This article will show you how to share your location with your friends, while staying hidden to the public to stay safe.

Using Facebook Places

  1. Get the necessary gear. As of August 2010, you can use places on:
    • The newest version of the Facebook iPhone or iPod Touch app.
    • The mobile web app at . This requires a HTML5 compatible browser (e.g. new versions of Safari, Firefox or Chrome) and a device capable of supporting geolocation. Ensure that your phone has the most up-to-date software or the application might not work properly, or at all.
  2. Launch the Facebook app.
  3. Get to the menu by tapping on the icon with three horizontal bars in it.
  4. Tap Nearby. You will then see a list of your friends that are close to you, or friends that checked in recently.
  5. Tap the Check in button. You can also tap check-in anywhere on the site where a button is located. There is one on your profile and your newsfeed.
  6. Tap your location in the list that comes up, or search for your location.
    • If your location does not appear even when searching, you can add a place by tapping on the white plus sign in the upper right hand corner.
    • Add a name for your place, then tap add.
    • A notice will pop up warning you that places are public. Be careful about adding a place such as "home" or "Sarah's house." Anyone in the vicinity will be able to locate your house based on the map. Stick to public places, such as restaurants, hotels, etc. Tap add to proceed.
  7. Edit your post.
  8. Edit your privacy. Tap on the privacy icon (see photo above).
    • Make sure that the option for "Public" is not checked, especially if you are away on vacation. There have been many instances where people have checked in at hotels or resorts on Facebook, only to come back home and find that their house has been broken into. Checking in publicly is a great way to let thieves know that you have vacated your house.
    • To ensure your safety, don't check in anywhere while on vacation - you can add your location to photos and status updates when you return.
  9. Tap Post. You have now checked in on Facebook Places!

Facebook Places Tips and Tricks


  • Applications feeding information into Places include: Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, and Booyah.
  • Checking in lets your friends know where you are. It is not about alerting a business that you're on the premises, or connect you to that business' Facebook page. This doesn't stop you from choosing to connect with such a page by adding them to the "Likes and Interests" section on your profile.
  • There are also videos showing on YouTube how to use Facebook Places - which many have found useful.
  • Larry Magid suggests making "lists" of friends such as "drinking buddies" to make it easier to configure who can and cannot see your location.
  • Check the Facebook blog for updates if you want to know what's happening with the feature's continued rollout.


  • As a new feature, it is still being rolled out, and you may experience problems.
  • This feature is US based as of August 2010, although it is expected to be gradually rolled out internationally.
  • Reporting a place (that is offensive, violates your privacy, etc.) can be done at the base of the page of the place in question on the web page, or in the top right hand corner of the iPhone app when looking at the place.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone, smartphone, cell phone with HTML 5 and geolocation enabled browsers for the latter two phone types
  • Facebook account
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