How to Make a Pair of "Vintage" Converse

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27-09-2016, 21:10
Chuck's, Converse or All-Stars, you may know them by many names but anyone who wears Converse knows that the more dirty and worn-in they look, the cooler and more comfortable they are!


  1. Buy a pair of high top Converse from any Converse retailer or choose a pair from your closet - the dirtier, the better!
  2. Soak in some thinned out mud or smear some red clay on the outside only and let stand on top of or underneath the radiator or under a heat lamp to let the shoe look more worn in. Leave the shoes for at least 2 hours but overnight works better.
  3. In either a plastic basin or the sink, place the filthy shoes and add about a tablespoon of detergent into each shoe and fill the basin/sink with enough water to cover completely.
  4. Take a nail brush and scrub the Converse until they are a little faded and stained.
  5. Empty the sink/basin of the filthy water and refill with clean hot water.
  6. Then take each converse out of the water and with either a bleach pen or a small container of bleach and a cotton swab, draw/paint any designs wherever you want.
  7. Let sit on either the radiator or under a heat lamp for anywhere up to an hour, any longer and the fabric will become too weak to wear.
  8. Place the Converse back into the water with some more detergent and scrub with the nail brush until you think that the bleach is washed off completely.
  9. Rinse twice to make sure that all soap particles are gone and either stuff each shoe with a small towel and leave to dry naturally, place under the radiator/heat lamp until dry or blow dry on high.
  10. Take a black permanent marker and sign the side of one shoe in addition to colouring in all of the white rubber parts and the trademark Converse star/circle thing.
  11. Wear your battered and worn-in Converse everywhere and soon enough the black coloured in part will become black/gray and scuffed and the front third of the shoe will start to look arched in the rocking motion that we walk in (heel to toe).


  • Do everything on the list with the laces on to make it even cooler looking.
  • To help the wearing-in process, I practiced my ballet and gymnastics routines in them and whenever possible played any sort of ball-kicking or running sport (e.g soccer, lacrosse, ball-hockey, track & field).
  • Layering the amount of bleach in random spots makes them look more naturally vintage.
  • If they start to fall apart, then Super-Glue them back together but to make sure that they stay in place while the glue dries, duct tape them in place.


  • When letting the bleach set with heat, make sure that it's done in a well-ventilated room or right by a window as bleach fumes can be toxic.

Things You'll Need

  • One Pair of Converse Hi-Tops in any bright or dark colour (The bleaching won't work on any light colours such as yellow)
  • Bleach pen/Quarter cup of bleach and some cotton swabs
  • Mud/Red clay
  • Detergent
  • Nail/shoe brush
  • Heat lamp/Blow dryer/Radiator
  • Black permanent marker
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