How to Make Boys Stop Teasing You in Middle School

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28-09-2016, 01:15
Middle school can be a tough time for many people. As kids transition into teens, they often change friends and interests. Many may suddenly realize that they are being teased or taunted by their classmates. This kind of teasing is uncomfortable for everyone around, and needs to be stopped. By remaining confident, controlling the situation, and getting help when you need it, you can put an end to the teasing.

Staying Confident

  1. Avoid blaming yourself for the teasing. Many kids and teens will blame themselves for being different when they feel bullied or picked on. This only feeds the cycle and gives people more power to pick on you. Instead, you should recognize that the person teasing you is at fault.
  2. Remember that their words are not a reflection of you. When being teased, kids and teens often start to build their identity around the hurtful things that are said. You need to remember that there are many good things about you and your personality, and that the teasing is more of a reflection of the bullies personality than yours.
  3. Confide in close friends. Talking to your close friends can help to eliminate the feelings of isolation that often plague the victims of teasing. It will make you feel connected to your peers, and will also give you the chance for an emotional release. Your friends might also be able to help you stop the teasing if they are aware of how much it bothers you.
  4. Let your personality be seen. Some kids and teens withdraw in an attempt to avoid teasing. Instead, you should let your personality show. Being confident will send a message to anyone teasing you that you are in control of your life. It can also make it easier to make more friends, which will often help to defer the teasing.

Controlling the Situation

  1. Ignore them. Teasing is usually done to get a response from the victim. You can send a clear message that you do not care what they have to say if you simply ignore the teasing. Just walk away holding your head high and confident. If the teasing takes place online or in text, do not reply.
  2. Confront them. You should avoid a physical confrontation. Physical confrontations can quickly escalate to someone being hurt, and can get you into a lot of trouble. Instead, stand your ground and tell the boys to stop teasing you.
    • For example, if you are being teased, you might look at the person doing the teasing and say “I would really appreciate it if you stopped trying to tease me.”
  3. Let your friends help you. Teasing is often done in an attempt to gain attention from other people around. If your friends stand firmly with you and send the message that nobody is amused by the teasing, this can help to stop the teasing. Tell your friends how the teasing makes you feel and ask them to help you stop it.

Seeking Help from Adults

  1. Ask advice from your parents. Your parents are there to help you be successful and happy. If you are being teased in middle school, both of these things become harder. Explain the teasing to your parents and ask them what they think you should do. Depending on the severity and the type of teasing, the school may need to get involved as well.
  2. Talk to someone at the school. If you feel unsafe or think that you need help controlling the teasing at school, talk to one of your teachers about the situation. Alternatively, you could reach out to your guidance counselor for support concerning the teasing. If necessary, your principal may also get involved.
  3. Make an appointment with a counselor. If you are having a particularly hard time dealing with the teasing, and do not feel comfortable opening up to parents or teachers, ask to see a professional counselor. Counselors are trained to listen to you and help you work through your problems. Counselors will also help you build coping skills to manage the stress in your life.


  • Always stay calm.
  • Never feel ashamed to ask for help.


  • If you feel like you are in physical danger, reach out for help immediately.
  • If you have any thoughts of hurting yourself or others, reach out for help immediately.
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