How to Clean Nylon

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12-09-2020, 17:13
Nylon is a synthetic material used in many different products, such as clothes, hammocks and bags. It’s made to be easily cleaned and stain resistant. To clean nylon, use soap and water. For harder stains, use a brush or a stain-specific cleaner.

Using Mild Soap and Water

  1. Wash it with detergent and warm water. For basic cleaning, dampen a clean cloth with soapy water. Make sure the soap is gentle and doesn’t contain bleach. Wipe down the soiled area. Make sure not to saturate the area. Remove excess moisture with a dry cloth.
  2. Use a sponge or soft brush. For caked on dirt or unpleasant smells, try using a sponge or brush. Dip the brush or sponge in soapy warm water. Then scrub the nylon with the brush or sponge.
    • Rinse the detergent with a damp clean cloth. Use a dry cloth to remove the water.
  3. Use a washing machine set on the delicate cycle. Nylon is a machine-washable material. Use cool water and the delicate cycle. Read the label on nylon clothes for any washing and care instructions.
    • If you are washing delicate items like lingerie, you should place them in a mesh bag before washing. This can help protect them.
    • If you are washing a nylon jacket, avoid putting anything else in the wash with your jacket.
  4. Dry nylon on the low heat setting. Nylon won’t shrink, but it will wrinkle in the dryer. After machine washing normally, dry the nylon on a low heat setting.

Removing New Stains

  1. Wipe up the spillage immediately. Whenever you spill anything liquid on nylon, wipe it up as soon as you can. This prevents the liquid from seeping into the material and making it more difficult to remove later. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe away the excess.
  2. Blot at the wet spot with a cloth rag. Press a clean cloth rag against the wet spot. Continue blotting at the stain to dry up as much of the stain as possible.
  3. Press on the stain with a damp rag. For some stains that have just occurred, you can get them off nylon by blotting them with a damp rag. Wet a clean white rag with lukewarm water and squeeze out the water until it is damp. Then, press on the stain. Continue doing this until the stain is removed.
  4. Try a stain cleaning mixture. Though nylon is stain resistant, you may not be able to remove all of the stain-causing substance. Even if you wipe and dab at the soiled area, the residue might leave a stain. Try making a mixture with either vinegar and water or lemon juice and club soda to remove stains. Pour the mixture onto the stain, and then blot at the stain with a clean cloth.

Cleaning Old Stains

  1. Clean food with detergent. Mix warm water with laundry detergent that doesn’t contain bleach. Cover a white cloth in the mixture and rub the stain with the soapy solution. Let the solution sit on the stain for about 15 minutes.
    • Blot the mixture with a damp cloth that has been soaked in warm water. Continue pressing against the stain until you have rinsed away all the solution.
    • Dry the spot by pressing paper towels onto the wet spot.
  2. Remove grease with solvent. Try to soak up as much of the grease as possible with paper towels. Then, use a dry cleaning solvent, like Woolite if it is on clothes. For non-clothing items, try a cleaning solvent for grease stains, like Shout or Spray 'n Wash. Put the solvent on a paper towel and blot the stain. After the stain is removed, dry the nylon with clean paper towels.
    • Don’t pour solvent onto the nylon. Always use a paper towel.
    • Wear gloves and open windows when using cleaning solvents.
  3. Use hydrogen peroxide for bodily fluids. Hydrogen peroxide can help neutralize the smell of blood, urine, or vomit stains in addition to cleaning. Lightly cover the stain with a 20% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Leave the hydrogen peroxide on the stain. You don’t have to do anything because hydrogen peroxide will neutralize itself.
    • You can go over the area with a paper towel after the stain has been neutralized just to make sure it is dry.


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