How to Make a Pit Toilet

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24-09-2016, 06:20
Have you ever gone camping in the wide open spaces with no bathrooms? Have no fear!


  1. Find a fallen tree or a big log lying on the ground.
  2. Find two more logs that are smaller in diameter, but still pretty long.
  3. If needed, saw the two smaller logs to smooth them out so it won't hurt to sit down on them.
  4. Set the two smaller logs on the big log in a V shape.
  5. Dig a hole where the V shape comes to an end.
  6. Put toilet paper and any other essentials nearby, and make sure they are not scented to keep away animals.
  7. Test it out! Make sure your toilet isn't too painful.
  8. Use it when necessary. You'll find that it is actually really fun to poop in the wild!


  • be sure to saw away any pointy parts on the logs, so it doesn't hurt to sit down
  • get some help, moving logs is hard work
  • cover up your business with dirt in attempt to keep flies away
  • make your pit toilet in somewhere peaceful and private- this seems to help get the job done quicker
  • when using your makeshift toilet, don't put all of your weight on the logs (this may require some muscle) or else they could slip and you could land in anything you may have just produced


  • don't make your toilet too far away from camp, you never know when you're going to need help
  • be careful on your campout, there is no one to hear you, so stay safe
  • be careful not to get bitten by any bugs including mosquitoes (it hurts)
  • make your toilet on flat grounds so you don't go tumbling down a hill while taking a dump
  • keep away from scented toiletry items, they might attract bears, deer, mountain lions, etc.

Things You'll Need

  • big log/ fallen tree
  • two smaller logs
  • toilet paper or other toiletries
  • shovel
  • dirt
  • muscles
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