How to Find the Perfect Jeans for You

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28-09-2016, 03:20
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The perfect jean is a staple of anyone’s wardrobe and should be both comfortable and flattering. Look for a style and wash that draw attention to the right parts of your body. Also consider the setting in which you plan on wearing the jeans: professional, casual, or both.

Shop for Jeans that Flatter

  1. Look for a wide-legged jean with a mid-rise and flat front if you have an hourglass figure. These jeans show off your curves while slimming you down in a flattering way.
  2. Stay away from tapered legs if you have a pear-shaped figure. Tapered legs will only emphasize your thighs, making them look even bigger. Opt for a flare or trouser style jean, preferably in a medium to dark wash. Consider a pair with a contoured cut that rises higher in the back than in the front to avoid gaping at the waist.
  3. Look for flares or boot-cut jeans if you have a rectangle figure, also known as a boy figure. The flare at the bottom adds curve to your silhouette, making you look more balanced and womanly.
  4. Find a pair of moderate rise jeans if you have an apple-shaped figure or an otherwise larger mid-section. Moderate rise jeans fall just below the belly button, covering your stomach and keeping it in check.
  5. Try on a pair of jeans with higher back pockets if you have a flat posterior. Such pockets give the appearance of a rounder rear.
  6. Look for a pair of jeans with lower back pockets positioned closely together if you have a larger back end. These pockets minimize your rear and take the focus off of it.
  7. Find slim-cut jeans if you have a petite figure. Boot-cut jeans and cropped skinny jeans both work, in many cases. Look for a light wash which will draw more attention to the curves you have, accentuating your womanly body and fighting the “little girl” look.
    • Also consider a pair of fashion forward jeans in a trendy color like brown, black, or gray.
  8. Try a narrow straight-legged jean if you have a tall, lean figure. Flare jeans also work well. Just look for something that is well fitted throughout the majority of the leg.
  9. Look for dark wash denim if you need a plus size jean. Look for universally flattering shapes, such as straight or boot-cut jeans with a medium rise and medium width.
    • Alternatively, try a medium wash for something that looks more casual. Find the most flattering style possible in order to have more leeway with the color.
  10. Avoid distressed jeans. Faded bleach spots draw the eye to that part of your body, ultimately making it look bigger.
  11. Avoid "mom" jeans. The high waist and wide backside may fit you comfortably, but these jeans rarely flatter anyone. Instead of settling, select a classic style of jean that flatters your shape and shop around until you find a comfortable pair.

Shop for Appropriateness

  1. Consider a darker wash jean if you want versatility. Dark wash jeans are not only flattering, but they fit a variety of settings.
    • Pair dark wash jeans with a nice fitted blouse or long-sleeve button-down shirt for a more formal setting.
    • Match the same jeans with a fun, sparkly tank top for a night out with friends.
    • Avoid extremely dark wash jeans that border on black if going for versatility, since they may prove harder to dress down.
  2. Always go with a dark wash jean for a business casual look. Look for trouser-style jeans with a slight boot-cut, and avoid jeans that have any decorate details. If you plan on wearing these jeans for strictly semi-formal or professional purposes, also consider a pair with a front crease to create a polished silhouette.
  3. Look for medium to light washes if you want a strictly casual jean. Dark wash jeans are flattering and versatile, but extremely dark washes have a tendency to look a bit dressy. Choose a fit that flatters your figure and opt for the lightest wash you can get away with if you want a jean that screams casual.
  4. Avoid the Juniors Department unless you really like the styles. Juniors jeans are designed to appeal to teens (and tweens) and though they may fit, they may make people past that age group look even older.

General Suggestions

  1. Try each pair of jeans on before you consider buying it. Different designers size their jeans in different ways, which means that your size may fluctuate between brands. Moreover, every designer has a different idea about how styles should look. One pair of flare jeans may only flare out a little, while another pair from a separate designer may flare out a great deal.
  2. Pick out a range of brands and styles to take into the dressing room. Try on as much as you can and study yourself in the dressing room mirror to get a thorough idea of what flatters you most.
  3. Move around the dressing room with the jeans on before you decide whether to purchase them. Get a good feeling for how the jeans feel.
    • Walk around.
    • Jump up and down.
    • Sit down.
    • Bend over.
  4. Set a budget. Some brands cost more than others. Know your budget before you shop, and pay attention to the price tag on a pair of jeans before you try them on and get too attached.


  • Consider getting your jeans tailored if the bottom hem is too long.
  • Try on jeans while wearing the shoes you plan on wearing most often with your jeans. If shopping for a casual, everyday jean, wear your sneakers or flats--whatever style of shoe you typically wear from day to day. If shopping for a dressier jean, wear a comfortable pair of heels.
  • Shop in stores you feel comfortable in. If you feel perfectly comfortable in a ritzy, high-end store and can afford the jeans they sell, go ahead and shop there. If designer boutiques and brand name stores make you feel nervous, however, consider a more casual department store where you feel less pressured.

Things You’ll Need

  • Full-length mirror
  • Jeans
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