How to Open and Pour a Bottle of Champagne Safely

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15-09-2020, 03:10
So you’ve got your bottle of bubbly chilling and you’re ready to celebrate. But before you get the party started, you have to face that dreaded moment… Here’s how to pop the cork without any catastrophes (or injuries for that matter!)

Open the bottle safely

  1. Start with a really well chilled bottle of champagne. If it's not chilled enough, it will foam a lot on opening.
  2. Take off the foil wrapper.
  3. Start being careful at this point. Put your hand on top of the bottle, and over the cork. Hold it securely.
  4. Pull the small wire forward. Slowly start to untwist it. Make sure to keep your thumb securely on the cork.
  5. Take off the wire cage. Keep you hand on top of the cork.
  6. Do not twist the cork. What you need to twist is the bottle. While you are still holding the cork on tightly with your thumb, hold the bottle and twist from the base of the bottle. As you twist, you will start to feel the cork slowly coming out at the top. It will pop into your hands.

Pour the champagne

  1. Prime the glass. Put a little bit of champagne into the champagne flute, twisting the bottle.
  2. Repeat for each glass.
  3. Let the bubbles go down a little bit.
  4. Pour the second time. There won't be as many bubbles this time. This allows you to pour without the champagne overflowing the glass.


  • Holding the bottle securely is far more important than holding it straight up and down.
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