How to Stop Your Laser Printer from Smearing

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16-09-2020, 06:40
This page will tell you how to reduce smearing text or smearing graphics in your laser printer and copy machine.


  1. Check to make sure your paper, labels, envelopes, or whatever you are printing on is facing the proper direction.
  2. Double check on the package of your print medium that the material is laser printable or call the manufacturer.
  3. Go into your printer preferences and change the paper type to a heavy gauge material like "Cardstock" or "Heavy Paper". This will reduce the speed the laser printer feeds the material which will give it more exposure to the machine that is fusing thus giving the toner a better fuse to the print medium.
  4. Remove the cartridge and shake it gently from left to right. This will spread the toner out and give a more quality print.
  5. Replace the toner cartridge with a new one or one that works to check if that is the problem.
  6. If all else fails try to replace the fuser.


  • If you cannot figure it out, ask some else around your office, people love to help and look smart.
  • Try to keep your cool.
  • Try calling the printer manufacturer or going to their website.


  • Don't use cheap toners because it makes your printer angry.
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