How to Stop a Rabbit from Smelling

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28-09-2016, 09:15
Does your rabbit smell? Learning what the problem could be can help you fix it.


  1. Smell your rabbit. A healthy rabbit should not smell as, unlike most pets, rabbits are naturally odorless animals. If he/she does smell, you are either not taking care of it properly or he/she is ill.
  2. Make sure your rabbit uses a litter tray to ensure all urine and droppings are contained. Use a cat litter such as Yesterday's News. Do not use clumping litters or wood shavings as these can cause serious health problems for rabbits. Note: Your rabbit must be spayed or neutered! An unfixed rabbit will not use its litter box well and rabbits must be fixed to avoid serious health risks such as cancer.
  3. Clean the rabbits living area at least 1-2 times per week. Replace all bedding.
  4. Rinse the litter box and other areas with white or cider vinegar to cut smells.
  5. Take your rabbit to the vet immediately for a check-up if your rabbit smells when its cage is clean and he/she has been neutered. A clean, healthy rabbit will never smell, and any odor is a sign of a potentially serious medical condition. Remember to only use a rabbit-savvy vet that has experience with rabbits. Ask your local rabbit shelter for a recommendation if you need to find one.
  6. If your rabbit is ill and has a dirty bottom, very gently rinse off the area with lukewarm water or a baby wipe if desired. Use your hands to wet clean any matted fur. You might need another person to help you hold the rabbit. A "butt bath" should only be used for medical purposes and only if necessary. Otherwise absolutely do not bathe your rabbit! Rabbits are not meant to get wet and bathing can cause serious health problems such as hypothermia. Putting a rabbit in water can also cause it to go into shock and have a heart attack.
  7. Remember not to keep your rabbit's cage outside. Today's pet rabbits are very different from the wild rabbits they descended from and cannot survive outside; keeping a rabbit outdoors will cut its lifespan in half on average. Outdoor cages are also harder to clean and put your rabbit at risk for many diseases.


  • Remember, a healthy rabbit will be odorless. If your rabbit smells, it is either not being kept properly or is ill and must see a vet right away.
  • Always spay and neuter your rabbit to improve hygiene, increase lifespan, and reduce risk of serious diseases.


  • Remember to never bathe your rabbit unless it is a medical necessity and you have talked it over with your vet!
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