How to Make Benches in RuneScape

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18-09-2020, 10:40
In player-owned houses, benches are nice additions to any dining room.


  1. Get a saw and hammer. Both items can be added into your tool belt.
  2. Achieve a certain level of the construction skill to make the kind of bench you want.
    • Wooden bench: 10
    • Oak bench: 22
    • Carved oak bench: 31
    • Teak dining bench: 38
    • Carved teak bench: 44
    • Mahogany bench: 52
    • Gilded bench: 61
  3. Gather the necessary items to make the bench you want:
    • Wooden bench: 4 nails and 4 planks
    • Oak bench: 4 oak planks
    • Carved oak bench: 4 oak planks
    • Teak dining bench: 4 teak planks
    • Carved teak bench: 4 teak planks
    • Mahogany bench: 4 mahogany planks
    • Gilded bench: 4 gold leaves and 4 mahogany planks
  4. Visit your house. Enter your house in the "Build Mode".
  5. Right click on the "ghost" space designated for the bench.
  6. Choose the appropriate bench in the menu to build.


  • To remove the bench, right click on it and select "Remove".
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