How to Apply for a Qatar Visa

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18-09-2020, 21:40
Most people who visit Qatar as a tourist don't need a visa. Qatar allows visa-free entry for nationals of more than 80 countries, assuming you have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity. However, if you're not eligible for visa-free entry, you can apply for a Qatar visa easily online. You will receive your visa when you arrive in Qatar and can extend it for an additional 30 days.

Obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

  1. Confirm that you need an ETA. Most visitors to Qatar don't need any kind of tourist visa. All you need is a passport that remains valid for at least 6 months after your planned visit and a confirmed ticket for travel out of the country. However, if you are a permanent resident of one of the visa-free countries, you need an ETA.
    • A full list of the 80 nationalities that qualify for visa-free entry to Qatar is available at
    • You also qualify for an ETA if you hold a valid visit visa to any of the Schengen countries, Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, or New Zealand.
  2. Complete your online application. Go to and set up an account to complete your ETA application. You must have a valid email address to complete your application.
    • The application requires you to provide information about your citizenship and residency, as well as your planned travel to Qatar.
  3. Upload copies of the required documentation. Scan or make digital copies of documents associated with your travel to submit along with your ETA application. You'll also need a scanned copy of your passport and the residence permit or visa that provides your eligibility for an ETA.
    • Make a copy of your confirmed airline tickets or other onward travel. You'll also need proof of your accommodations, such as your hotel reservations or the name and address of your host.
    • While there is no fee for an ETA, there is a service charge of approximately USD $14.
  4. Pick up your visa when you arrive in Qatar. You will receive an email with information about your ETA, which will be electronically connected to your passport. When you arrive in Qatar, you can pick up your visa at the Immigration Office in Hamad International Airport.
    • Immigration officials have complete discretion when it comes to issuing your visa. Even if you have an ETA, it doesn't guarantee your entry to Qatar. An immigration official can decide to deny your entry.

Requesting a Tourist Visa

  1. Get passport photos taken. If you're getting a tourist visa, you'll need digital passport photos. Your photos must be recent (within the past month or two before you apply for a tourist visa) and different from the photos on your passport.
    • You can get passport photos taken at most pharmacies, discount stores, and photography shops.
  2. Complete the online form. The online application for a tourist visa is available at You'll have to set up an account before you can start with the application.
    • Provide a valid email address, as the Ministry of Interior (MoI) will use it to communicate with you about your visa application.
    • The application requires you to provide information about your citizenship, identity, background, and purpose for traveling to Qatar. You will also have to provide information about your stay in Qatar, including your airfare and where you will stay while you're in the country.
  3. Upload documents to support your visa request. In addition to your passport photos and a copy of your passport, you also need documents related to your travel plans. Specifically, you'll need to upload at least the following:
    • Round-trip airline booking reservation
    • Confirmed hotel reservation or name, address, and contact information for your Qatari host
  4. Make your online payment. As of 2020, the fees for a tourist visa are QAR 100. You can pay the fee online using a debit or credit card.
    • Fees are nonrefundable regardless of the outcome of your application.
  5. Wait for a response to your request. The Ministry will send you an email when your application has been processed. If you've been issued a visa, the email will provide instructions on how to pick your visa up.
    • The Ministry doesn't provide any information or estimates of how long it will take to process tourist visa applications.

Extending Your Stay

  1. Locate the nearest immigration service center. If you have an ETA or tourist visa and decide you want to stay for longer than 30 days, go to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) service center closest to you to request a 30-day extension. You can also use the MoI Immigration Office at Hamad International Airport.
    • To find the nearest service center, go to You can also start the process online at
  2. Present your passport and confirmed onward ticket. The MoI won't extend your visa unless you have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of the end of the extension or your proposed date of departure. You must be able to prove that you've purchased a ticket to travel out of the country before the end of the extension.
    • If your passport doesn't have the required validity duration, you cannot get a visa extension. You'll have to return to your country of origin, renew your passport, and then return to Qatar.
    • Extensions are only applicable to your current visit. If you leave the country, you'll have to apply for another ETA or tourist visa if you want to return.
  3. Pay the fee for the extension. The fee for a 30-day visa extension is QAR 100 (approximately USD $27), as of 2020. The visa service centers and the Immigration Office at Hamad International Airport only accept a valid credit or debit card for payment.
    • Typically, the extension is automatically granted. However, the MoI has the power to refuse an extension for any reason. If your extension is refused, you must leave the country before your visa expires.



  • If your application for any type of Qatari visa is rejected, no reason for the rejection will be given and you don't have the right to appeal. You are, however, welcome to reapply.
  • Visit visas and visa-free entry waivers can't be switched to another type of visa. If you want a business visa, work visa, or other type of visa, you must leave Qatar and start the application process for the other type of visa outside the country.
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