How to Make a Bull Ant Summoning Pouch in RuneScape

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19-09-2020, 13:40
Summoning is a skill in RuneScape where players can summon different creatures with various abilities, such as combat assistance, skill assisting, and drops extra items.


  1. Learn that you need a level 40 summoning to create a bull ant pouch.
  2. Gather the required items to make one pouch. Multiply and prepare beforehand if needing or wanting to create pouches in batches for easier bank runs.
    • Empty summoning pouch
    • 11 spirit shards
    • 1 gold charm: Some monsters that drop gold charms includes level 60 wolves, zogres, moss giants, and hobgoblins.
    • Marigold: Marigolds are typically expensive in the Grand Exchange, so it's suggested to plant marigold seeds (provided you have a level 2 farming) yourself.
  3. Ensure that the items needed for the pouch are in your inventory.
  4. Travel to any summoning obelisk.
  5. Click on the obelisk. Choose the bull ant from the pop-up screen and you will receive pouches in your inventory.
  6. Decide what you want to do with the pouches. Use the pouches to make summoning familiars, sell them at the Grand Exchange, or turn them into summoning scrolls. To change them into scrolls, click on the obelisk again and use the pouch.


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