How to Treat a Girl You Like

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This article will tell you how to treat a girl that you like respectfully, and hopefully make her like you, or at least know that you're a nice guy.


  1. When you catch her eye, be sure to smile. Girls love it when guys smile at them, especially if they like that guy.
  2. Do little things for her, help her out. Hold the door, pick up their pencil when she drops it, if she needs a little money for lunch and you've got some extra money, you could offer to pay for it, or offer to give her the money, things like that.
  3. Try to talk to her. Start with small conversation. Ask her about the homework, even.
  4. When you talk to her, or when she is talking to you, look her in the eye. If you don't she may think you're uninterested, or bored.
  5. Try to make her laugh, girls love guys who can make them laugh. Make sure your way of trying to make her laugh isn't picking on someone, then you come across as a jerk.
  6. If people are making fun of her, stick up for her.
  7. Compliment her. If she answers a hard question correctly, tell her she's smart. If she's wearing a new hairstyle or got her hair cut, tell her it looks nice.
  8. Be yourself, don't be someone that you're not. If she doesn't like you for who you are, move on. Don't change yourself completely for someone, then that person, is not you.


  • When you talk to her, always look her in the eyes. Girls love this as they feel important and as though they are being cared for.
  • Never call her hot, call her beautiful.
  • Be nice. It is that simple.
  • Put her first before movies, video games, sports, and things like that.
  • Find things in common with her. She will feel like you really care about her interests, and if she finds you two do have a lot in common, she will become interested in you.
  • Never call her, or any other girls, disparaging or dirty-sounding names. Don't call her babe, either, unless you're dating. But when you're dating call her baby instead of babe, it sounds nicer. Call her by her name.
  • Look at her every day like its the first time you met.keep the magic going, because if you don't pay attention to her she will look for it else where.
  • When you talk to her, or make a joke, touch her arm or shoulder, a friendly gesture. If she ever seems uncomfortable by this, though, stop.
  • If she's got an unusual name, make sure you pronounce it right. If her name can be spelled different ways, make sure you've got the right spelling. For example, Brittney. It can be spelled Brittney, Brittany, Britney, and possibly other ways too. If you say a girl's name wrong or spell it wrong, it can make them feel unimportant, and like you don't pay much attention to them.
  • Be kind to her and avoid being negative at all times.


  • Don't ignore her. If she tries to talk to you, talk back.
  • Don't compliment her on anything weird, and make sure your compliments sound right. If you think she looks extra pretty, avoiding saying "Hey babe, you're looking super hot and sexy today!"
  • If you try to talk to her, but she doesn't seem to want to, don't persist. You may then, seem annoying.
  • Don't stare at her. It's fine to glance at her, but don't stare her down or anything, it comes across as creepy.
  • Don't follow her around constantly, she will feel like she's being stalked.
  • Do not flirt with her friends. It will not seem like you show an interest in her, and if she likes you, it will crush her

Things You'll Need

  • A good smile
  • A good attitude
  • Gentle and caring
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