How to Wear a Pin

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27-09-2020, 09:40
Pins are a great way to add color and sparkle to an outfit. They can be used as a simple fashion statement, or you can wear them to show off organizations you’re a member of, movements you support, awards you’ve earned, and things you enjoy. You can even add a pin to accessories like ties, backpacks, purses, hats, and scarves.

Putting a Pin on Your Clothing

  1. Add a pin to your collar. Putting a pin, or several pins, along the neckline of your dress or blouse can add pizzaz to your look. If you have one pin, place it in the center of the neckline. Alternatively, you can place the pin, or pins, off-center. Be sure to space them evenly and balance out the sizes.
    • If you want to wear more than one pin, make sure they are in the same theme or color pallette.
  2. Put a pin on your waistline. Place a large pin at your waist, rather than on a shirt collar or lapel. This adds a fun feature to any dress or shirt, and also draws the eye to the waistline.
  3. Place a pin on the lapel of your suit jacket. Affix the pin on the left lapel, touching the outside edge of the buttonhole. If you wear more than one pin, cluster the pins together on one side. An arrangement with an odd number will be more visually appealing as the asymmetry draws the eye in.
    • Keep the number of pins you wear at one time to a minimum, as clustering too many may cause a distraction. It also makes it harder to notice the details of the pins.
  4. Replace the top button of a suit jacket with a pin. This is a great way to add an interesting detail to what could otherwise be a boring suit. Choose a pin with a bit of flash or bling to make it really stand out.
  5. Add a pin to the back of your dress. If you have a dress with a deep V in the back, adding a pin creates an attractive and eye-catching detail. This would be a great option for a dressy event, such as a gala or holiday party.
  6. Decorate your jacket with pins. Adding pins to your jean or leather jacket creates an interesting and unique look. You can place them on the collar or lapel, the front of the jacket, the sleeves, and even the back. Don’t be afraid to really go for it and add a ton of pins to your jacket; the material is durable enough to hold them and the more pins you add, the bigger statement you will make.
  7. Put a pin on your sweater. Place one in the center if your sweater has a V-neck, or add a few off to the side. You can even put a pin on the shoulder or sleeve to add a captivating detail to your outfit.

Adding a Pin to Your Accessories

  1. Wear a tie pin. A tie pin not only makes a statement, but it also holds your tie away from spills. Place the pin about 2 in (5.1 cm) above the top button on your suit jacket. If you are wearing a sweater instead of a jacket, affix the pin to the center of the tie's knot.
    • You can choose a pin that matches your tie or shirt, or pick a contrasting color or design.
  2. Display a pin on a hat. Use only one to showcase a special pin, or choose a collection of pins and add them all. Placing the pin or pins off-center creates an intriguing look.
  3. Use your pin as a necklace pendant. Open a jump ring and attach it to the pin back of your pin, then close the jump ring. Thread the ring on a length of ribbon or silk cord or on a fine chain.
  4. Wear a pin as the buckle of a ribbon belt. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon to a length 24 in (61 cm) longer than your waist or hips, depending on where you plan to attach the belt. Place the ribbons together and stitch all around the sides, as close to the edges as possible. Fold 1/4 inch (.6 cm) over at each end. Fold it again, the same amount, and stitch through the center of the fold. Fit the belt in place and use your pin to hold the ribbon together, allowing the ends to dangle.
  5. Put a pin on your bag. A pin can add flair to any backpack, purse, or clutch. You can showcase a special pin, or add a bunch for a fun and funky look.
  6. Wear a pin as a scarf holder. Drape your scarf around your neck and tie it loosely. Place your pin to the center of the knot. Alternately, do not tie the scarf, but pin the layers together to hold it in place.
  7. Add a pin to your hair accessories. Putting a pin on a headband or hair tie dresses up your hairstyle. Try wearing the pin off to the side on your headband or bandana. Place a pin in the middle of your hair tie or scrunchie to add a little flair to your hair.


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