How to Install Debian

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24-09-2016, 09:00
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Debian is an operating system based on the GNU/Linux build. The Debian operating system, like most other Linux distributions, is free and open source. It is a popular operating system for both desktop and server use, spawning several notable offshoots such as the Ubuntu operating system. The development and distribution of Debian is handled by a non-profit organization, and the operating system can be downloaded free of charge from their website. Learning how to install Debian is a relatively straightforward process requiring an Internet connection, disk imaging software, and a blank CD.


  1. Back up any important files on your computer. Installing Debian on your machine will clear your entire hard drive and reformat it, erasing all data in the process. Store your important information on a removable drive before beginning the installation.
  2. Navigate your web browser to the Debian website. Debian is distributed through, and the necessary files can be found on the "Getting Debian" page.
  3. Download the Debian installation image. From the Debian website, choose the installation image that is suited for your processor architecture. If you don't know what type of processor your machine has, choose the "32-bit PC netinst iso" image, as this one is compatible with common 32-bit Intel or AMD processors.
  4. Burn the installation image to a CD or DVD. Once you have downloaded the image file (it will have a ".iso" extension), burn it to a disc using disk imaging software. There are several free applications available that can perform this task, though your computer must have a CD-R or DVD-R drive. Alternatively, you could burn the image to a USB drive if your computer supports booting from a USB drive.
  5. Boot your computer from the newly-burned disc. Once you mount the .iso file onto a disc, leave the disc in your optical drive and restart the computer. The computer will boot from the disc and take you directly to the Debian installation wizard.
  6. Test Debian Live from the disc if desired. Debian includes an option that lets you run the operating system completely from the CD or DVD, without overwriting any information on your hard drive (this option is called Debian Live). Choose this option from the installation wizard if you want to test Debian before installing it completely. Note that performance will be quite slow with this option.
  7. Install Debian according to the instructions in the installation wizard. When you are ready to proceed with the full installation, follow the prompts in the installation wizard to set up the operating system as desired. You will be given the option to partition your hard drive in case you want to run Debian alongside another operating system such as Microsoft Windows.


  • If for some reason you cannot download and mount the installation images yourself, you can purchase a Debian installation disc from the Debian website.
  • Debian can take a while to install, so it's best to have something to do while you wait.


  • Make sure you back up your files before installing Debian, or you will probably lose them forever.

Things You'll Need

  • A working Computer
  • Disk imaging software
  • A Blank CD or DVD
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