How to Clean and Repair Your Toms Shoes

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29-09-2016, 04:15
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You're proud of your trusty old TOMS. Not only did you buy a cute and comfy pair of shoes, but you've given a child in need the opportunity to have his own pair. The problem is, you love your TOMS so much that they're dirty, smelly, and in need of repair. Read on to learn how to clean, fix, and reinforce your favorite pair of shoes.

Cleaning Your Shoes

  1. Get rid of any major mud or grime. Removing as much dirt as possible will make the rest of the cleaning process much easier.
    • While you're still wearing your shoes, gently tap them against the ground to remove excess dirt.
    • Once you take them off, tap the soles of the shoes together to get rid of more grime.
    • Use a small bristle brush to scrub the remaining dirt particles.
  2. Remove your shoelaces. Throw them in a container with water and detergent to let them soak. A clean pair of shoelaces can go a long way in making an old pair of shoes look clean.
    • After they soak for a few hours, remove them and hang them up to dry.
    • If your shoelaces refuse to get cleaner, it may be time to buy a new pair of laces. You can still find a new use for your old laces, such as a funky bracelet or a cat toy.
  3. Prepare your cleaning solution. Fill a bucket with cold water and a few drops of detergent, and stir until you have a nice, soapy mix.
    • Make sure your bowl or bucket is only used for cleaning mud and dirt. Don't use any bowls that you use for cooking or storing food.
  4. Dip your brush into the mixture, and scrub your shoes. Use an old toothbrush, or even an old electric toothbrush, to remove the remaining stains.
    • Work in a circular motion for maximum efficiency.
    • Focus on the outside of the shoe and avoid getting water inside of it.
  5. Repeat the process. Continue to scrub your shoes with more of the mixture until you've removed the remaining dirt and soap residue.
  6. Let your shoes dry. After the cleaning is done, it's important to dry your shoes the right way so they retain their shape and quality.
    • Crumple up old newspaper or paper towels, and put them inside your shoes to help them retain their shape.
    • Dry your shoes in the sun. This will not only dry them quickly, but will also kill foot bacteria.
    • If you're afraid that drying your shoes in the sun will damage their color or don't have the patience to wait for your shoes to dry, you can blow-dry them. However, you must remember to set the blow-dryer on COLD to avoid damaging your shoes.
    • Place a dryer sheet in each of your shoes to improve their smell.

Repairing Your Shoes

  1. Gather your supplies. To fix any holes or tears in your TOMS, you'll need scissors, fabric glue, a paintbrush, and fabric.
    • Choose a fabric that is similar to the weight and texture of the fabric of your shoes. Try to find a cool and funky fabric since it'll be visible.
  2. Cut the fabric to cover the hole. If the hole is small and you only want to use a small patch, cut the fabric accordingly.
    • If there are many small holes and tears along the front of your shoes, however, you may want to cut the fabric to cover the folded, hemmed edge of the front of the shoe to maintain its original look in a new fun color.
  3. Apply the fabric glue. Use a paintbrush to cover the afflicted area evenly. Make sure to use enough glue for the fabric to stick, but not so much that it gets all over the place.
  4. Place the fabric over the area. Once you stick the fabric to the glue, you can trim it down if it's not the right size.
    • Once you trim your fabric, you can add a bit more glue around the edges to make sure it sticks.
    • Wait twenty-four hours for your shoes to dry. You can place a rubber band over the fabric to hold it to the shoe.
  5. Repeat the process for any future holes. You may also consider not using the fabric and just sticking to fabric glue to hold the shoe together.

Reinforcing Your Shoes

  1. Gather your materials. To make your TOMS last longer, you'll need the inserts that came with the shoes, duct tape, and scissors.
    • It's likely you don't have the inserts from your old shoes, so you may have to wait to buy a new pair to try this trick.
    • You can also ask any friends who are buying a new pair for their inserts, or find an insert of similar size.
  2. Stick a piece of tape that is about 1-inch long to the front of the insert. The thicker the tape, the better.
    • The sticky side of the tape should be facing up, and it should fall in line with the place where your toe hits the fabric.
  3. Put your inserts in your shoes. When you get them in the right position, press down on the fabric so the tape sticks to it.
    • Remove the cardboard and let the tape remain in its place.
  4. Show off your new shoes. Now that you've reinforced your shoes, you can wear them in, so the new taped part doesn't bother you.
    • If the tape comes lose, repeat the process.


  • Be careful with the super glue.
  • This may not work for glittered shoes.


  • Don't leave your TOMS out in the sun too long or you may damage their color.

Things You'll Need

  • Cold water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bucket
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Super glue
  • Fabric glue
  • Hair dryer
  • Original shoe inserts
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
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