How to Have the Perfect New York Look

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29-09-2016, 04:55
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Ever wonder how you can look like those New York chicks? The ones with every inch of them polished, blown out, waxed, plucked, toned and covered with designer clothing? From tip to toe, this is what to do.


  1. Hair Cut. Let's start at the top. Of your head, that is. Hair can make or break the perfect 'New York' look, and it all starts with the cut. You'll need to get a trim every six weeks to keep it looking neat.
  2. Hair Color. While you don't need any particular hair color to work the perfect 'New York' look, whatever color you do have needs to be definitive, whether it's blonde, brunette, red or black . If it's a drab in-between shade, get to a good colorist who can make it look more vibrant, but still believable and natural. You'll need touch-ups on your color every six weeks.
  3. Hairstyle. While loose waves look lovely in a tropical island setting, the style you need for the perfect 'New York' look is sleek and straight. Curls and waves can be pretty, but it's very hard to make them look polished enough for the 'New York' look. If your hair isn't naturally straight and you're not willing to become a master of at-home blowouts, either get your hair blown out at a salon a couple times a week, or consider thermal reconditioning. Wear your hair down, and don't tuck it behind your ears. If you must get it off your face, pull it back into a sleek low ponytail, not a high bouncy cheerleader one, and use a plain elastic that blends well with your hair. And don't put it up; Twists and ballerina buns have their place in the world, but they just don't fit that relaxed cosmopolitan look.
  4. Face. You'll need perfect skin, or at least, really good skin that you can make look perfect with makeup. Schedule monthly facials, and make friends with a dermatologist if you have problem skin. A good skincare routine is key as well. You should invest in high-quality products. Every morning and night, you should cleanse, tone, & moisturize - and don't forget the sunscreen.
  5. Brows and Teeth. Have your brows professionally shaped on a regular basis, whether by waxing or threading. If your teeth aren't white, have them bleached. A dentist can make a dramatic and lasting difference to your teeth in just an hour or so.
  6. Make-Up. Perfect your skin with foundation, concealer, and loose powder, and wear a hint of pink or peach blush. Then add neutral eye shadow and eye liner to the eyes. Gold, bronze, or slightly shimmery brown shadow looks good, with dark brown or black liner. Top this off with curled lashes and black mascara. Lips should be glossed in a sheer shade of nude, peach, or neutral pink. Lip liner is optional, but if you do use it, fill in the entire lip and then top it with gloss. No mismatched liner allowed.
  7. Body. The 'New York' look requires being fit and toned. You shouldn't look like a skeleton, but you should be relatively slender for your height and have nice taut muscles. New Yorkers walk a lot, and eat a lot of salads for lunch. Join in and soon you'll be the perfect shape for all those fancy clothes you'll fit in later.
  8. Skin. Take care of the skin on your body as meticulously as you care for the skin on your face. It should be soft and smooth. Shower with a moisturizing soap, apply body lotion, and shave, wax, trim and/or pluck any hairs that aren't on your head. Use a little perfume, but not too much, and make sure it's something sophisticated (the Bath and Body Works days are over -- think Robert Piguet, Bond No. 9, or Chanel.) No one who isn't hugging you should be able to smell your perfume.
  9. Nails. The 'New York' look absolutely requires manicured nails and pedicured toes. Get your nails done in a sheer neutral pink, like Essie's Ballet Slippers or Mademoiselle, and keep them short. Toenail colors should be seasonally appropriate; hot pink and coral look nice in the summer, while a classic cream red is always a good idea. You'll need manicures weekly and pedicures every 2-3 weeks.
  10. Wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, designer apparel is not necessary for the 'New York' look. What is necessary: sharp sleek lines, classic shapes, neutral colors (especially black), and a perfect fit in everything you wear. You should look smart and polished, and for the most part, timeless (but always throw in a nod or two to the seasonal trends to show you are fashion aware). Wear pointy-toed heels for work and other dressy occasions, and make sure your shoes are very high quality and in good condition. The same goes for your bag. The bag is one place where spending a lot will get you bonus points, if you can afford it. A designer bag gives you a certain cachet, which is helpful in order to really work the 'New York' look.
  11. Jewelry. You'll need to wear jewelry, but carefully. 'New York' look women wear diamond studs, and you'll want the best you can get -- don't even bother unless they're 1.5-2 carats total weight. If you can't afford real ones that big, get good-quality fakes. You'll also need a good watch, the best you can afford -- Tag, Cartier or Rolex is good. Movado is passable. Timex is for the gym only. Of course, wear your wedding and engagement rings if applicable. Beyond these essential pieces, be very careful what you add.


  • Grooming is more important than clothes. It is possible, though challenging, to achieve the 'New York' look even if you are at a Yankees game in a T-shirt and jeans, as long as your hair and makeup are perfect and with manicured nails and great jewelry. It is not possible, however, to achieve the 'New York' look with unkempt hair and no makeup, not even if you are wearing a Versace gown.
  • As a corollary to the above, hair is the cornerstone of the 'New York' look. Well-cut, beautifully colored, well-blown-out hair will do more than anything to help you achieve this polished look. Hair is the great leveler because most average women don't invest the time or money required to make theirs look truly fabulous from day to day.
  • Make sure everything you're wearing is in good condition and your face, hair and nails are immaculate, every time you step out of the house. You should look polished, sleek, clean and just about flawless, but never robotic or overdone.
  • The 'New York' look is about grooming and maintenance, and requires discipline to maintain. Keep it up, and enjoy!
  • If you really want to look your best every day, don’t underestimate the power of keeping your closet organized. The two may not seem related, but you'll be way more likely to choose a great outfit if you can see all your options laid out in front of you.


  • Save jeans for very casual occasions only. If you do wear jeans, make sure the rest of your outfit is perfectly polished, and make sure the jeans are dark denim and fit like a million bucks.
  • Never wear flip-flops or sneakers on the streets of NYC. They'll ruin your whole look. Flip-flops are for the pool; sneakers are for the gym.

Things You'll Need

  • Some items to always keep in that chic purse for touch-ups include:
  • A mini tube of Frederic Fekkai glossing cream (fixes any flyaways in a flash, while adding shine).
  • Your favorite lip balm and nude gloss.
  • Blotting papers to keep shine at bay.
  • Some nice rich hand cream.
  • Try to carry around fragrance samples, they're tiny and can help you give your perfume a little boost when you need to.
  • You might also want to carry a hair elastic, but if you do this, keep it in your bag and not around your wrist like a bracelet. This looks very unpolished!
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