How to Start a Career in Car Sales

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5-10-2020, 03:50
A career in car sales can be a great way to work around people and earn a decent income. This career requires a positive attitude, strong car knowledge, and an aptitude for sales. To be a car salesperson, start by getting experience in customer service and building up your knowledge of car brands and models. You can then search for open positions online or at your local auto dealer. Once you get a position, you can succeed in car sales by listening to your customers and responding well to their needs.

Getting the Necessary Skills and Training

  1. Have an up to date driver’s license. You will need to an official driver’s license that is up to date so you can drive cars around the sales lot. You may need to move cars for customers or drive with them in the car during test drives.
    • Your employer will likely need proof that you are legally able to drive, such as a copy of your driver’s license.
  2. Get experience in customer service. Customer service experience is a big asset for being a car salesperson, as you will need to interact with customers all day long. Look for customer service positions in retail, such as at a department store or a clothing store. Having customer service experience will be an asset on your resume, as it shows potential employers that you have interacted with customers before.
    • You can also try getting a position at a coffee shop or in food sales to show employers you have customer service experience.
  3. Take a business course in sales. Look for a business course that focuses on sales and selling techniques at your local university or college. You can also take a business course in sales online. Taking a business course can help you prepare for car sales and get more comfortable selling a product to customers.
    • If you are already in business school or doing business courses, you should include this information on your resume so potential employers know you have this training.
  4. Study up on car makers and models. Research car makers and models, including this year’s models. Note which makers and models your local auto dealerships are selling. Make sure you know the prices and specs of the models in detail. Write down this information, study it, and try to memorize it so you can recite it off hand to customers and employers.
    • Look online for information about car brands and models. You can also subscribe to car magazines and newsletters that provide up to date information about car brands and auto makers.
    • Try to have a well rounded sense of the different car models and makers on the market. You should be able to sell luxury vehicles as well as practical, family friendly vehicles.
  5. Have strong math skills. A car salesperson will need to calculate interest rates and other fees for customers. You should have at least high school level math skills so you can estimate and calculate numbers for customers.
    • You may take extra math classes at your local university or college. You can also upgrade your high school math through an online math course.

Getting a Position

  1. Search online for open positions. Some car dealerships will post open salesperson positions on their website or through online job boards. Look for positions at car dealerships in your area.
    • Check online job sites like,, and
  2. Inquire about positions at your local auto dealer. Go into your local auto dealership and see if they have any openings for salespeople. Present yourself in a positive way by being friendly and sociable to the staff. Dress professionally and have a copy of your resume ready so you can give it to the staff if needed.
    • Often, going into the auto dealership and inquiring about a job can show the staff that you have confidence, a key aspect of being a successful car salesperson.
  3. Dress business casual for the interview. If you get called back for a formal interview, wear clothing that is business appropriate, such as formal pants, a blazer, and a collared shirt. You can also wear a tie for an added level of professionalism.
    • Make sure you wear shoes that are business casual, such as leather loafers or heels. Do not wear sneakers to the interview, as this is considered too casual.
  4. Act friendly and sociable during the interview. Smile and greet the person interviewing you. Maintain eye contact with the person interviewing you. Keep your body relaxed, with your arms in your lap or at your sides.
    • Act confident and excited to be at the interview. Talk to the interviewer in a professional, friendly manner. This will help them get a sense of your personality and whether you would make a good salesperson.
  5. Include all sales experience on your resume. Make sure your resume tells the interviewer that you have experience in sales, even if it is minor or in a different industry. Include any business courses you have taken as well.
    • Have a copy of your resume on hand during the interview so you can give to the potential employer.
  6. Follow up after the interview. End the interview with a handshake and a sign off like “Thank you for your time” or “I look forward to hearing from you.” Then, email or call the dealership within the next five to seven days to follow up on your interview. Tell them you appreciate their consideration and you want to know if they can inform you of the status of your application.
    • Following up is good practice, as it reminds the employer of your application and shows them you want the position.

Succeeding in Car Sales

  1. Dress professionally. Customers will size you up within a few minutes of meeting you at the dealership. Make sure you present your best self by dressing professionally every day for work. Put on a clean collared shirt, dress pants, a blazer or suit jacket, and formal shoes. Be well groomed and well put together so customers see you are trustworthy and professional.
  2. Greet customers right away. As soon as customers arrive at the dealership, be there to greet them with a “Hello” or “Hi there.” You can then introduce yourself and ask the customer how they are doing. You may say, “Good morning! Welcome to Woodland Motors. My name is Sara, and you are?”
    • You can also offer to shake hands with customers as part of your meet and greet.
    • Let the customer introduce themselves and lead them onto the lot or into the store. This will give them a warm welcome and let them know you are there to serve them.
  3. Find out what the customer is looking for. You may ask them, “How can I help you today?” or “What are you looking for today?” Chat with them about what car they already own or owned previously. Get to know what they need or are looking for so you can help them effectively.
    • Asking these questions can also help you get a sense of their budget and how much they can afford to spend on the car.
  4. Maintain a positive, friendly attitude. Keep your body language positive and open by maintaining eye contact with the customer during the sale. Smile, nod, and speak clearly to the customer. Encourage them to test drive cars they like in their price range and make yourself available to them as needed.
    • You can also try mirroring the customer’s body language to stay in sync with them. For example, if the customer folds their arms over their chest, do the same. This will show them you are paying attention to them and are on their side.
  5. Stay up to date on car makers and models. Know the car industry inside and out so you can answer any customer questions with ease. Being up to date on your car makers and models can also make it easier for you to recommend certain brands or models to customers. Read car magazines and newsletters. Look up the latest car models online.
    • Some dealerships will offer complimentary training for salespeople to help them stay sharp and improve their sales.
  6. Try to work on commission. Most car salespersons will get paid a base salary of $40,000 USD or an hourly wage of $20-$25 USD. Over time, your salary may increase based on your sales. To increase your income, you can work on commission where you earn a certain amount of money based on each car you sell. Working on commission can help to motivate you to sell and increase your pay.
    • Some dealerships will also give bonuses if you have a great year of sales.
    • You will need to prove to your employer you are worth your salary by making a lot of sales on a regular basis. If you do so, you can reap rewards like high commissions and bonuses.
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