How to Meet Single People

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9-10-2020, 08:30
It might feel difficult to meet new people, let alone new single people. Finding single people in real life is as easy as connecting with friends, joining groups, attending events, going to bars, and talking with as many people as you can. Dating technology such as mobile dating apps and online dating sites offer alternatives to meeting single people the traditional way, which will broaden your chances even more.

Finding Single People in Real Life

  1. Use your friends to build connections. Ask your friends and their partners if they know anyone that they could set you up with. They may have never thought about playing matchmaker before, and this could plant an idea in their head.
    • Don’t think that you are being annoying by asking your friends. You are just looking to build connections from people that you already know and like.
    • Parties, gatherings, and weddings, and especially those hosted by a friend, are great ways to meet new single people.
  2. Join a community group to find people that are similar to you. Hobby, sports, support, and special interest groups are all good options. For example, if you are really passionate about a particular activity, such as archery or motorcycles, check online to see if there are any related groups in your area. Support groups such as for a health issue, or for single parents, are also great options.
    • LGBT+ groups, performing arts clubs, and social sports teams are just a few more examples.
  3. Start volunteering to meet other like-minded people. Find a cause that interests you, and start regularly giving a bit of your time to help out. Animal shelters, soup kitchens, and environmental groups are all good places to start. Not only will you be giving your time to a worthy cause, but you will also get to meet many new people who share the same values as you.
    • Some volunteering organisations even have events that are geared for singles only.
    • Political or religious groups are also good volunteering options, as you will have the opportunity meet possibly single people that have similar affiliations to you.
  4. Take a class or course to learn a new skill and to meet new people. Whether you want to enrol in full-time study, or wish to take an evening class after work, joining a course will allow you to meet numerous other people and learn a new skill at the same time. Use a search engine to look up courses in your area.
    • You don't have to choose a strictly academic course. There are also plenty of cooking, art, and dancing classes available.
    • Many community colleges offer tuition-free options for seniors enrolling in classes.
    • For heterosexual men, joining a dance class is a great opportunity. It's likely that the number of women will far outnumber the men, which largely increases your chances of meeting other single people.
  5. Attend events that interest you to meet others with similar interests. There are usually many free events happening in most neighbourhoods, such as a concert in the park, or a beer tasting afternoon. Pick the ones that interest you and go along, as everybody else there will share your interests.
    • Since other people at the event will also be interested in the same thing, this will make it easy to find a topic for conversation.
    • Use a search engine or read a local newspaper to find community events in your area.
    • Try going to these events alone, because although you might be uncomfortable to begin with, this will make you more likely to step out of your comfort zone and talk to new people.
  6. Go to a speed dating night to meet lots of people in one evening. While the thought of speed dating might be intimidating, try to go along with no expectations and just be yourself. Aim to have fun and to talk to as many people as possible, rather than to be the most impressive or charming person.
    • The more friendly and relaxed you seem, the more confident you will appear which will make you more attractive to others and more likely to get somebody’s number.
    • Try and appear confident and friendly even if you feel shy. Shyness is associated with lower popularity at speed dating events.
  7. Go to a bar or club at the weekend if you are looking for a short-term relationship. Bars are places where a lot of single people go, so you are bound to meet at least a few people. Be friendly and approachable, and spend time in a high traffic area of the bar, such as by the counter or door.
    • Dancing, dressing well, and displaying positive body language are all key to meeting single people in bars. Even if you aren't the best dancer, your confidence and spontaneity will draw people to you.
    • Avoid sitting away in darkened corners of the bar where there aren’t many people, as people probably won’t even realise that you are there.
  8. Strike up a conversation wherever possible. When you’re at an event and you see someone who you could be interested in getting to know, introduce yourself and ask a question. This can be as easy as, "This band is awesome, don't you think? I'm Sam, by the way."
    • If the other person responds well, continue the conversation by asking questions and enjoying the event together. If the other person doesn’t seem interested in talking, leave them alone and move on.

Using Dating Technology

  1. Use a mobile dating app on your smartphone for convenience. There are numerous apps available for smartphones, where meeting new, single people is only a swipe away. There are free apps, and subscription-based apps too where you can get a free trial first to try it out.
    • Some popular dating apps that you can try include Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble.
  2. Use an online dating site as an alternative to dating apps. There are many websites available, both free and subscription-based, which allow you to connect with other single people in your area. These websites sometimes have a wider demographic than dating apps, which don’t cater as much to older audiences.
    • Online dating sites vary depending on your location. Use a search engine to find a few sites that are local for your area or country.
    • There are many dating sites available that cater for different demographics of people. There are some for different ages, sexualities, locations, and interests.
  3. Include photos of yourself and a bio to help potential matches get to know you. Make sure that you have one photo that’s a close up of your face, another that shows a better view of your body, and a couple more showing you doing things that you enjoy such as with cuddling a pet, playing sport, or travelling. Write a short, to-the-point bio about who you are, and what you are interested in.
    • Don’t include too many photos with friends, as it can be difficult to tell who’s who. Stick to just a handful overall, and only one with friends if you feel it’s necessary.
    • Try not to write several paragraphs in the bio section, as not many people will end up reading something that lengthy. Stick to just a few sentences to keep it short and sweet.
    • For a super short dating profile, try something that encompasses who you are, and what you like to do in only a couple of words. A good example is "Finance executive by day, pizza connoisseur by night. Message me, let's get talking!"
    • For a bio that's a bit longer, try listing a few interesting facts about yourself. An example is "Lawyer by day. Dancing, cooking, and yoga at every other hour. Lover of a good adventure: London, Paris, and Spain to name a few! So, what's your hobby? Want to take a yoga class together?"
  4. Start a conversation if you find someone that you are interested in. There are many different ways to begin a successful conversation through either online dating or using a dating app. Try using humor and telling a joke about something that you both have in common, such as a quote from a film you both like. Alternatively, give the person a genuine compliment, such as about their taste in music, restaurants, or sports, which shows you have actually paid attention to their profile.
    • Another good conversation starter is beginning a conversation based on your shared interests, and asking an open-ended question about it, such as "How long have you been skiing for?" or "What country did you last travel to?"
  5. Meet someone in person once you have established a connection. When your conversations with someone that you have met using dating technology are regular and going well, then it's time to take the next step and meet them for the first time. The ideal time span between sending the first message and meeting the other person is 17-23 days, as this is when impressions and idealizations of the other person peak. Suggest getting coffee, walking your dogs together at a local park, or grabbing ice-cream.
    • For safety reasons, always make sure that when you first meet someone in real life after talking online, that you meet in a public place.
    • A less extravagant date such as getting coffee or dessert always works best for the first one. Not only will it be more inexpensive, but it will also let you get away sooner if it doesn't go well. Save the more expensive and elegant dinner dates for further down the track.


  • The more single people that you meet, the more likely it is that you are going to meet someone who interests you. Keep trying, and remember that if you don’t find someone that you are romantically interested in, you might end up with a few more friends.
  • You don’t have to stick to just one way to meet single people. You can go to events and join a community group, while also using a mobile dating app too.
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