How to Draw an Hourglass

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Here's a simple guide to drawing an hourglass. Let's begin!

A Basic Hourglass

  1. Draw two horizontal parallel rectangles. They should be the same width.
  2. Now draw two vertical rectangles. These should also be the same width, but narrower, and somewhat "pulled in" from the edges of the horizontal ones.
  3. Now, inside the "frame" made by those four rectangles, draw two triangles towards the center, the tops of which should overlap.
  4. Following the triangles (red) draw slightly curved lines- this is the contour of the hourglass. The connecting point of the lines should also be curved.
  5. Erase the red lines with a rubber.
  6. Draw two curved lines which would represent the level of the sand. Note: the bottom line should be more curved than the top line. Also, the more sand has already flown, the closer these lines should be to each other, and the more intense should the curves be.
  7. Draw another intensely curved line at the middle of the hourglass representing the sand falling through.
  8. Color in the sand and draw a straight line (the flow of the sand).
  9. Add two short, straight, diagonal lines on the top and bottom of the hourglass, at opposite diagonal sides (the so-called "glass effect").

An Alternative Hourglass

  1. Draw a cylinder.
  2. Draw two ovals on both ends of the cylinder.
  3. Draw two sharp arcs facing each other inside the cylinder.
  4. Based on the outline, draw the hourglass
  5. Erase the unnecessary outlines.
  6. Color your hourglass!


  • If you're drawing on paper and don't want to leave your glass plain white, color it in with a pale, barely noticeable light blue.
  • Taller hourglasses seem more elegant.
  • Coloring the frame of the hourglass dark brown and then going over it with red will make it look like it's made of rosewood.
  • To get that classic sand color, combine gray, a pinch of orange and a bit of light brown.
  • Black glass, or black sand and red glass, add a dark, mystical feel which is great for Gothic art.
  • Please remember: this article only shows the most basic steps. Alter your drawing in any way you see fit.


  • Don't draw this with a pen!
  • If there are any objects in the background, make sure that they're visible through the glass!
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