How to Teach Kids to Write Thank You Notes

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29-09-2016, 14:25
These days, it seems like our families are spread across the county (or even abroad) and though we see some family members so infrequently, we continue to make numerous attempts to keep in touch, such as birthdays and other holidays. One way to keep in touch and reciprocate is to Teach Kids to Write Thank You Notes when a relative from across the country remembers them on that special day!


  1. Spend some time telling kids about the family tree and who thought of them on that special day; use a map of the USA to show them how far away that relative lives and why the gift/card may have come in the mail versus attending your party or holiday celebration.
  2. Sending a Thank You note is not only polite, but is a small way to have the child learn to be thankful and to keep a relationship from afar alive.
  3. Depending on the child’s age, you may buy or write the note and just let them sign it or draw a picture on the back. With lots of things now on the internet, you can download templates of cards or make ones adding pictures of your own. Let your child be part of the choosing of the photo and/or the electronic card.
  4. If you have a card and the child is now writing, you can give them hints as to what to add, such as the thank you for the ‘gift’, how they liked it, how the money might be used or saved, and one thing about their life they might share. For example, if it’s winter and they are saving for a snowboard, they can tell about how they are waiting for the first snow fall; or if the holiday is in summer, talk about what the family might do for vacation this year.
  5. And complete the ‘tradition’ by addressing and stamping the envelope and maybe waiting to see the postal carrier pick it up in the mailbox out front!
  6. For older children, buying them a box of note cards for a birthday so that they can take it upon themselves to write thank you notes, because by now, you’ve taught them the meaning of being thankful for receiving and also keeping in touch with relatives or friends, both near and far.


  • When selecting on-line photos, if Uncle Bob likes dogs, find a dog photo to personalize the note to him.
  • And if children receive money as a gift, you can instill early the benefits of saving!
  • Upon the receipt of the gift, you might want to drop a hint about the thank you note. For example, “WOW, how did Aunt Suzie know you wanted that iPod? Wait to you tell her how excited you were when you opened the package!”
  • Older kids can take over the task of the ‘tradition’ by helping younger ones write thank you notes.
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