How to Prepare Script for Anchoring

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29-09-2016, 19:55
Hey, we all face a challenging task at some point of our lives and one of them can be preparing your own script for anchoring a show. This article might help you in solving such issue.


  1. Know what kind of show you are hosting.
  2. Take a blank paper and pen to collect point-wise all the details regarding show, like what time it will start, who all will be the guest and audience.
  3. Think of a creative line for beginning. It could be quotes by a famous personality or poetry or lyrics of a song.
  4. Write a welcoming line for the audience and guests of the show.
  5. Characterize the different categories in a series as per their timings and prepare some introductory phrase before any performance (like dance and singing) begins (if any).
  6. Have some cheerful lines for the audience and also think of little games for the audience to participate.
  7. At last, mention how grateful you are to all the audience and thank your team members for putting such efforts in creating a wonderful show. All the best and have a rocking performance.
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