How to Dismount from a Bicycle

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18-10-2020, 03:20
There are several ways you can dismount from a bicycle safely. Below are a couple of recommended methods to start with.

Basic Method

  1. From the seated position, pedal on one side then lean forward to stand up on that pedal while lifting your butt off the seat. (This is the most important step. If you remain seated you will not have as much control over your bike once stopped.)
  2. Slow the bike almost to a stop, making sure to keep your balance. Use your body, rather than the handlebars.
  3. Remove the higher foot from its pedal.
  4. As the bike comes to a complete stop, tip your bicycle slightly to the side with the freed foot.
  5. Put that foot on the ground.
  6. Remove the other foot from its pedal and put it on the ground.
  7. Lean the bike slightly as you swing either leg over the seat or through the frame if it's a female-style bicycle.
  8. Put your other foot on the ground.

"Noob" Method

  1. As you are riding the bike, swing one leg over the frame and onto the other pedal quickly.
  2. In a swift motion, 'ditch' the bike and use the frame to vault forward.
  3. Land safely and recover the bike.

"Jumpin' the Gun" Method

  1. Build up some speed ahead of time.
  2. Start "coasting" (stop pedaling. the bike still moves) when you are a few yards away from your destination.
  3. When you are just a few feet away, GENTLY squeeze your rear brake. The bike should begin to skid.
  4. SLOWLY remove your feet from the pedals and firmly plant them on the ground BEFORE the bike stops moving. It should come to an early stop.
  5. Stand up. Swing a foot over the bike and walk it up to an optimal location.

High Style Method

  1. Swing a foot (usually the right foot is used but either foot is acceptable) behind the back of your bicycle seat, while the bicycle is still in slight motion. Note: If you have toe clips, be very sure to disconnect your pedal foot from them! If you forget this, you will find yourself literally slammed on the ground when your "swing" foot touches the ground to stop!
  2. Coast to a stop with both feet on one side of your bicycle, with one foot on the pedal and the other foot behind it. Use your body rather than your steering to balance.
  3. Once your bicycle is totally stopped, step onto the ground.


  • Many beginning riders feel uncomfortable about standing up on a pedal.The seated position may seem a lot safer because the center of gravity is lower.However, stopping while seated is very tricky.If the seat height is adjusted correctly (only the toes touch the ground while seated), the rider will have to lean the bike more to one side in order to get a foot flat on the ground.This is likely to cause the bike to fall over to one side completely (possibly with one leg under it) and cause injury.
  • When first learning the second method, try doing it on a soft surface in case you fall. This is the preferred method for children and teens; occasionally adults will do it this way as well.
  • It might be good to start by bringing the seat down so that both feet can be flat on the ground while seated.This eases the fear of falling. However, once you gain experience, move up the seat so that only the toes touch the ground.
  • Make sure the bike seat is the right height, or you may suffer from scratches, or bruises.
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