How to Prepare a Child for Dating

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29-09-2016, 21:55
Dating can be confusing and frightening to a young person, and there can be dangers and emotional hazards along the way. Helping your young person become prepared for dating will make it a safer and more enjoyable process.


  1. Have the talk with her, explaining what dating is. The time to offer sound advice, and to let the young person know what to expect during a date is before the event.
  2. Help the young person choose their wardrobe and make sure they have presentable clothing and accessories to wear during their date. You might go into details such as what is appropriate clothing for different activities, depending on how well the young person already deals with those things.
  3. Talk to the young person about exactly where they will be going, and what they are going to do. There may be specific issues for you to deal with such as choosing from a menu at an eating establishment if someone has always helped them deal with that previously.
  4. Trust them. If you have taught them the difference between right and wrong, and how to resist peer pressure and other influences, you should be able to trust them to make good choices.
  5. Meet the boy and talk to him so you will understand each other. Talk to his parents, as well, to see what upbringing he has had.
  6. Let them go on a date. Make sure the ground rules are established such as whether the child should call home at intervals, what time the date will be over, and exactly where they will be going.
  7. Encourage her to make the decision. Never push the young person to go out just to follow social requirements; the young person should be the one to decide if they are ready for a date.
  8. Talk to her and have time together after the date to see what the experience was like, and to answer any questions she might have.


  • Have the time together once a week or at least occasionally to talk about what they are experiencing in life and what their hopes are.
  • Make sure she understands what you are saying to her


  • If she does not understand nor has a bad experience, she might not be too happy afterwards.
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