How to Play Blind Chicken

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30-09-2016, 00:15
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Blind chicken is an easy and entertaining game to play; it’s simple and doesn’t require many materials or directions. You would want to play this game because it’s not about who wins or who loses. It’s about having a good time and enjoying yourself!


  1. Gather two or more players (the game is better with a group of players)
  2. Choose one player to be the blind chicken. You can decide this amongst the group of players.
  3. Put over the chosen blind chicken’s eyes the bandanna folded so that they can’t see anything.
  4. Spin the blind chicken around in a few circles so that they could get dizzy.
  5. Run. All the players need to get away from the blind chicken so that they won’t get touched by the chicken.
  6. Make noise. The players need to make sure to make some noise. Keep in mind that the blind chicken can’t see anything.
  7. Whoever gets tagged or touched by the blind chicken is the next blind chicken.
  8. Repeat the same process with all the new blind chickens.


  • This way the blind chicken can’t see anything and neither can the players. So this is going to cause more running around and yelling.
  • To make the game harder and funner it’s better to turn off the lights of the room that you are playing in.


  • Keep in mind that young children may be scare of the dark. It would be a good idea if the lights weren’t turned off when young children are playing the game.
  • If you turn off the lights, make sure you don't trip on anything.
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