How to Have a Good Night Sleep in a Slumber Party

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23-10-2020, 18:30
The "slumber" part of a slumber party can easily be forgotten. You may look forward to having fun with your friends, but may be too shy to say you actually want to get some rest. Plus, a morning feeling cranky and sleep deprived is anything but fun. Remember some tips for comfort and relaxation, and a slumber party can be fun-filled and full of good sleep.

Planning for Sleep

  1. Bring comfort items from home. Bring items from home like a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or pillow. Maybe you have a journal you like to write in. A flashlight may be a good thing to bring, if you're scared of the dark. These items will help you feel at home, while also helping you relax, when bedtime rolls around.
  2. Make sure there's a lights out time. Hopefully, the parent supervising the party sets a lights out time in advance. If everyone knows what bedtime to expect, it will reduce whining and rebellion later on. If you're over 10 years old, you can handle a later lights out time, like 12:00 a.m.
    • Everyone will probably giggle and maybe try to tell ghost stories for 15-30 minutes, but after that you should all be snoozing.
  3. Bring ear plugs. Practice sleeping with ear plugs before the slumber party, if you're not used to them. Pop your ear plugs in at the party, when you want to go to sleep, but your friends keep talking.
  4. Plan to sleep in. Don’t expect to do a lot of bright and early activities. Even if everyone gets to sleep on time, the activities from the slumber party will need plenty of rest. Tell your parents to pick you up no earlier than 10:00 a.m., and 12:30 p.m. is even better.
    • Sleep in as much as you can, have breakfast, get dressed and play outside, if it’s a nice day.
    • Watch cartoons, play with dolls or action figures in the morning.
    • You can also plan to take a nap after you get home the next afternoon.
  5. Eat healthy snacks. Of course eat cake, if the slumber party is for a birthday, but remember that sugar will keep you wound up. Eat plenty of snacks throughout the party to keep your belly full, but make sure they aren’t things like white bread, candy bars or french fries. Those things will give you a rush of energy and make it harder to sleep. Healthy snacks include:
    • Apples and peanut butter.
    • Pretzels.
    • Bugs on a log is celery filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins.
    • Miniature whole wheat pizzas. Choose toppings like sausage, spinach, mushrooms or peppers.
  6. Don’t drink soda or other caffeinated beverages. Soda and caffeine are a big no-no at slumber parties. You will already be full of energy and happy you are spending the night with friends. Don’t create energy overload by drinking sugary drinks like soda. Drink water and juice instead.

Keeping Calm with Activities

  1. Have fun outside the home. Burn energy off with a group activity like bowling, ice skating or go-kart racing earlier in the evening. A big, group outing will help wear everyone out, when they get home. If you're hosting the party, this will keep your friends from completely messing up your home all night.
  2. Paint fingernails and give pedicures. This is an easy activity to do towards the end of the evening that won't make everyone hyper. It's fun and won’t interfere with sleep, like a pillow fight or dancing would. Hopefully, everyone's eyes will be tired from concentrating on painting fingers and toes!
  3. Plan arts and crafts. Art and craft activities can be fairly quiet and will also require focus. You will feel proud afterwards and have something to bring home.
    • Make friendship bracelets out of thread and beads.
    • Make models of the solar system out of balloons and paper mache.
    • Make mini robots out of things like batteries, a small motor and wires.
  4. Watch a movie towards the end of the night. A great way to wind the party down is by watching a movie before bed. Your friends may be so tired by then that they nod off themselves. Try to avoid hilarious comedies, high action, or anything that would cause a lot of talking, giggling or screaming.
    • It's a good idea to turn off any screens about an hour before bed. The bright light from TVs, phones, and other devices can make it harder to fall asleep.

Winding the Party Down

  1. Don't sleep with pets. Not only can pets get scared when a lot of people are around, but they can distract you from sleeping. Play with Fluffy throughout the evening, if they're around and like to play, but don’t try to sleep with any dogs or cats. More than likely, the family dog will get uncomfortable sleeping with people and will move around a lot.
  2. Tell an adult any fears you have. If you’re afraid of the dark, tell the parent looking over the party. That way, they can be sure to keep a nightlight or hallway light on for you. If you feel uncomfortable sleeping away from home, don't be too shy to tell an adult before it gets too late. More than likely, it will only take some comforting words to make you feel better about sleeping over.
  3. Have a bedtime routine. About 30-45 minutes before bedtime, take the time to change into pajamas, brush teeth and wash your face. A bedtime routine will signal to everyone’s brain that it’s time to sleep. It will also be comforting to stick to a routine you probably do at home.
  4. Arrange sleeping bags in a starburst shape. Place everyone’s head towards the center of the starburst and no one can bicker about who sleeps by whom. Everyone will be near each other, and it will help you feel safe and closer as a group.
  5. Sleep in a different room. Even if there's a lights out time, the party may keep going long after that. If you're tired, pick your sleeping bag up and go into a spare room. Tell your friends you're feeling sleepy, but you want them to keep playing games or telling stories. Don't feel bad about going into a different room. Your friends will respect your independence and assertiveness.


  • Get plenty of sleep the next day!
  • When one person goes to sleep way before everyone else, it's totally fine.
  • Prevent name calling or labels like “baby” by using an excuse, if you want to go to sleep. You could say “I got in big trouble the last time I came home tired” or “I have a dentist appointment in the morning.”
  • Have a good nap the day after your sleepover as this could prevent you from drowsiness and tiredness.
  • If you don't feel comfortable sleeping in a room with a bunch of other people just say so and go in another room alone.


  • The later everyone falls asleep, the later everyone should wake up.
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