How to Create a Warrior Cat Prophecy

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30-09-2016, 04:35
Many plots in the Warriors series involve prophecies given to the cats by StarClan. You may want to include these in your fanfiction as well. There is a particular style for writing these prophecies, so follow these instructions to write a realistic one that will create suspense for your readers and help advance your plot.

Which Cats Are Affected By the Prophecy?

  1. Figure out how the cat learned about the prophecy. How did your cat find out about about the prophecy? Did he/she see it in a dream, go to the Moonstone/Moonpool and share tongues with StarClan, receive an omen, or (if they are a leader) see it at their nine lives ceremony?
  2. Determine the cat or cats to whom the prophecy relates. Who are the cats mentioned in the prophecy? Which cat or cats must receive the prophecy? Also determine the cat or cats who give the prophecy. This will usually be a StarClan cat who was important to the cat or cats in question.

Creating the Prophecy

  1. Determine the underlying meaning. Every prophecy needs a main message or meaning. For example, in the books the prophecy "Fire alone will save the clan" (Erin Hunter), serves a great purpose. Say there's a cat named Rosethorn, and she is destined to save the forest. This is a useful example to follow through with.
  2. Word the prophecy. Just saying that Rosethorn will save the forest is dull and lacks emphasis. Make is seem more mysterious and cryptic. Maybe you could try something like: "The flower will bloom, and become the light that shines from the stars and break through the darkness of shade".
    • Do not make the prophecy obvious. Include twists that are not immediately apparent to the reader or the cat.
  3. Note that prophecies in Warriors do not rhyme and do not sound like a poem. They will include hints about their meaning, but will be vague and open to interpretation. They are also usually highly symbolic. For example, if the characters are Icetalon and Whitefire, don't say "The ice will beat the white", instead, say something like: "Frozen talons may be strong enough to rip apart the white destruction."
  4. Determine how the prophecy can be fulfilled. How will the cat fulfill the prophecy? Do they need to find, rescue or kill another cat? Locate the clans safely across unknown paths? Do they need to die themselves? Maybe go against the forces of nature? Or maybe even go against the warrior code and abandon their clans?
  5. Figure out how the prophecy will be shown to the cat you've figured out must receive it. Say that Rosethorn gets this prophecy. She could be told by her mother who died and went to StarClan.


  • Don't make the prophecy too hard to fulfill. People may think you need them to do hard prophecies and wouldn't want to fulfill the prophecy.
  • It helps to have cats already created before this: a good cat, an evil cat, and a StarClan cat.
  • If you are in a group, don't make the prophecy all about you. Include others!
  • Include part of the cat's name. For example, if Tigertooth is the bad guy, you could say "The Clans are scarred by the teeth of the tiger."
  • Use correct capitalization for prophecies; for example, do not write: "The Fire sparks in the Darkness" if your Warriors fanfiction has a cat named Fire(suffix) and there is a Clan named DarkClan.


  • Do not use a cat already created by the authors who write under the pen name of Erin Hunter or a prophecy too close to one used in the books.
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