How to Join an Evangelical Church

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30-09-2016, 12:30
Evangelical churches believe in the Resurrection of Jesus as the only way for mankind to enter God's Kingdom. If you are interested in worshipping God, finding healing and restoration, and growing literally with the Holy Spirit, consider joining an evangelical church.


  1. Know that this church is more than singing a few hymns and listening to a sermon; it is not about reciting written prayers and going on with business. This church involves spiritual and emotional growth, and giving , not necessarily financially, but getting involved in a fellowship which promotes learning, growing, healing and restoration.
  2. Look in the phone book for a church that calls themselves charismatic, or evangelical. It may be difficult to find in a phone book so try getting references from contacts.
  3. When you find the church that appeals to you, call the pastor and introduce yourself. The most he will ask is why you want to attend this sort of church and how you came to find God.
  4. Try out a weekend service. Friendly members will be happy to see a new face, so politely introduce yourself to someone who greets you, and tell them that you are currently searching for a new church. It takes more than one session to know if this is your church, so don't feel that you should join that church immediately.
  5. If you feel comfortable with the settings, it's time to establish your place within that community. By introducing yourself to members, forming mutual attachments, and going to the external activities, people will know that you intend to stay. By this time the pastor will probably pay a visit to your home. :)
  6. Be ready to share . People will definitely ask you why or how you came to find Christ. Tell them the truth, if it was say, an addiction or spiritual ordeal just let them know. As you get to know members you will discover that they also have undergone similar experiences and emotions as you have. Evangelical churches are open to hear people's testimonies.
  7. Now to serve. You can commit to any activity you want, such as bible studies, youth groups, healing groups, old people groups, alpha courses, choir, music, whatever suits you. The truth is you must cooperate in such a way as to know and grow with others.
  8. Carry on, if you genuinely like the church then you've found home!


  • Don't lose courage if things aren't looking great for you. If you encounter spiritual warfare remember that God will always end up victorious. There will always be members who go through the same thing, and who can counsel you.
  • Also have FUN. People believe they must be grave and grim to be noticed by God. You don't. The bible says: "Laughter does good like a medicine." You should enjoy following God.
  • Charismatic churches sometimes worship with loud music, and catchy type lyrics. It may puzzle you a bit, but remember your worship is your personal choice. I personally don't jump around and raise my arms in the air, and everyone is fine with that.
  • You can spill anything that's bothering you because evangelicals love to heal emotionally/spiritually broken people. They will help you, hence you can help others.
  • The original Christian congregations of the bible were full of new beginnings and joy like an evangelical or charismatic church should be -- not made up of ritualism.


  • If this just isn't your church, you do not need to tell the pastor or anyone, but if you do wish to explain, do it politely, earlier if possible so they don't grieve you leaving.
  • They believe in the Holy Spirit's gifts, and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. Some people may speak in tongues, during a service, and other such seemingly unusual things may happen sometimes. Don't be concerned as long as these are the biblical gifts, the members praise God and advocate Jesus Christ as the Lord.
  • Evangelical and charismatic churches are open to the blessings of the Holy Spirit.
  • This church also believes in the biblical Satan and his demons. The understanding is that once you genuinely join God's kingdom, you may see spiritual battles with the kingdom of darkness.

Things You'll Need

  • Belief in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit
  • Willingness to commit to at least one activity in the church
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