How to Make a Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement

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30-10-2020, 16:30
Flower arrangements are common at Easter, as well as other holidays, but they can also really brighten up a Thanksgiving table. This wikiHow shows you how to create a unique flower arrangement, perfect for brightening up any Thanksgiving dinner table.


  1. Cut open a squash.
  2. Remove all the seeds and the stem.
  3. Wipe the squash clean.
  4. Fill the squash with about three-fourths full with soil.
  5. Buy some flowers, and arrange with the dark colors on the rim of the squash, the medium a little closer to the middle, and the lightest colors in the middle.
  6. Water the flowers daily.
  7. Finished.


  • This arrangement lasts only for a week (at the most) so make it a few days before Thanksgiving.
  • Ask if you can make this arrangement for a nursing home. People who are sick and need some care will definitely appreciate the beautiful flowers in the decorative vases. Choose a colorful vase in a pastel color, such as baby blue, pink, yellow, or light orange.
  • You may want to buy some plastic turkeys to put into your arrangement.
  • Put this as your center piece on your Thanksgiving table.


  • If you do make this arrangement for a hospital or nursing home, be aware that patients with any kind of wounds or infection risks may not have soil in their rooms because of the contamination/infection hazard. Consider using florists' sponge or clay-based substrates inside the squash to keep the plants moist instead.

Things You'll Need

  • Squash
  • Flowers
  • Plastic turkeys
  • Knife
  • Soil
  • Water
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