How to Plan a Group Cruise

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4-11-2020, 03:00
A group cruise is a great way to vacation with friends and family members. You get to take advantage of onboard entertainment as well as excursions in several different locations, and everyone has a chance to do whatever activities appeal to them. A lot of travel planning is necessary to make a group cruise successful, however. You may have people arriving from different parts of the country, not everyone will be on the same budget and everybody travels differently. Plan a group cruise by appointing a group leader who will stay on top of deadlines and payments, choosing a cruise with everyone's input and deciding what will be done together and what will be done on your own.

Preparing for a Group Cruise

  1. Elect a group leader. Having one person who is willing to coordinate the details and keep in touch with everyone will make the entire planning process easier.
    • Choose someone who is organized and has a strong personality. Too many decision makers will cause chaos when planning a cruise. An ideal group leader will take everyone's opinions into consideration and then make a final judgment.
  2. Decide on a cruise. This means choosing the dates of travel, the port of departure, the length of the cruise, and the cruise destinations. Everyone should be able to make recommendations.
    • Allow everyone to share ideas, then have the group leader narrow it down to 2 or 3 options, and let everyone vote. Or, prioritize what is most important. If sailing dates and costs take priority, narrow the options that way.
  3. Reserve your cruise early so you can be selective about your cabins. If you need adjoining cabins, triples or quads, those will go quicker on a cruise ship than a standard double cabin.
    • Consider the weather and other travel implications when you book. For example, a cruise in the Caribbean in September will put you there in the middle of hurricane season. Summer cruises might be crowded with families and children, which could be good or bad depending on whether there are kids in your group.
  4. Communicate with your group by email. Touching base by phone or text is great, but when you use email you can be sure the entire group of travelers is on the same page.
  5. Book flights into the departure city a day early. This is especially important if you are flying out of a cold climate in the winter. You need enough time between arrival and embarkation. Do not let anyone miss the boat.
  6. Ask for a group discount when you book. Some cruise lines will offer you other benefits, such as a reduced rate on excursions, cabin upgrades and shipboard credits.

Cruising as a Group

  1. Eat dinner together. While all of you might be going in different directions throughout the day, agreeing to share the evening meal together will give you an opportunity to be together and share the best parts of your day.
  2. Plan a few group activities. Depending on the number of people in your group, it might be difficult to do everything together. Instead, plan a few outings together. Meet for coffee one morning, enjoy a show in the evening or meet up for the midnight buffet.
  3. Choose onshore excursions that appeal to you and others in your group. Not everyone needs to do the same excursions, but you can break into smaller groups to explore your destinations.
    • Stay on the boat, if that is more your speed. You can take advantage of swimming pools, eat some more, hit the gym or enjoy a spa service on most ships.
  4. Seek some alone time. You do not need to be part of the group all the time. Everyone will find themselves needing a little quiet time in the cabin or some solitary reading time on a lounge chair.
  5. Consider the lifestyles and budgets of those you are with. Try not to pressure your group members into a $250 excursion if you are the only one who can afford it.


  • Consider using a travel agent. While most people book their own vacations online these days, travel agents can be especially helpful when groups are traveling together. They also have a lot of resources on cruises and can offer you several different options.
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