How to Make Confetti

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23-09-2016, 21:50
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Do you need a bunch of confetti for your next party? Here are some cheap and easy methods to get or make your own!

Photo copier Method

  1. Empty the hole punch bin into a plastic sack over the course of several months.

Hand punch Method

  1. Collect several three hole punches.
  2. Get some friends together and have a punching party with colored papers.
  3. Collect the paper punches in a plastic sack.

Paper Slicer method

  1. Slice ⁄2 inch (1.3 cm) strips (or narrower) of paper in a paper slicer.
  2. Turn the strips perpendicular to the blade.
  3. Cut them into smaller squares.

Shredder Method

  1. Shred a lot of paper in an industrial type cross-cut shredder.
  2. Finished.


  • Mulch the confetti into your compost heap or garden when you're done with it.
  • Have co-workers collect their hole punch circles for you.
  • Shred or punch colored paper in addition to white. White makes a good "base" color, and adding your desired color to larger quantities of white confetti makes the smaller colored amounts seem like more.


  • Have a good vacuum cleaner or broom handy for cleanup.
  • Use appropriate caution with the shredders and the paper slicers.

Things You'll Need

  • Copier with a hole-punch option
  • Paper Shredder
  • Hole Punch(es)
  • Paper Slicer
  • Money
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