How to Fold T Shirts for Travel

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6-11-2020, 17:20
T-shirts are an easy vacation wardrobe staple. However, they can be bulky, taking up more suitcase space than you expect. Use a standard folding technique to make your t-shirts into small squares, then stand them vertically in your suitcase to save space and see them all at once. To make the most of your suitcase space, roll your t-shirts into secure, compact rectangles. Or, to prevent wrinkles, consider bundling your t-shirts in stacks.

Folding T-Shirts Compactly

  1. Start with the t-shirt on a flat surface, with the front facing down. This way, if the t-shirt has a design or logo, you will be able to see it when you're done folding. Folding t-shirts on a flat surface will make the process easier and neater.
    • To help prevent creasing, you can put a piece of tissue paper on top of the shirt before you start folding.
  2. Fold the t-shirt into thirds. Fold in one of the sleeves. Then fold in the other side. This will create a long rectangle.
    • If you are folding a long-sleeved t-shirt, fold the sleeve back towards the edge of the shirt. Then, fold any part of the sleeve that overhangs the edge down towards the bottom hem of the t-shirt.
  3. Fold the collar of the t-shirt down to the hem. Fold the t-shirt in half by bringing the collar all the way to the bottom hem of the t-shirt. The result will be a smaller rectangle.
    • If you like, you can leave your t-shirt folded like this. At this point, your t-shirt will be flat. You can stack several t-shirts folded like this in your suitcase.
  4. Continue folding the t-shirt in half to make it smaller. Fold the t-shirt in half again to make it smaller. Fold it once more to make it even more compact. Keep in mind that the more you fold your t-shirt, the thicker it will be.
    • You can line up several t-shirts folded in this way vertically in your suitcase to save space and see them all at once.

Rolling T-Shirts

  1. Lay a t-shirt on a horizontal surface. It's easiest and neatest to fold and roll t-shirts on a horizontal surface. A bed or a desk will work just fine.
    • A horizontal surface at waist level is easiest to work with.
  2. Roll up 2 to 5 inches (5.1 to 12.7 cm) of the bottom hem of your t-shirt. Fold up the hem of the t-shirt all the way around. This will create a "pocket" that the rest of the shirt will fit into.
    • The bigger the "pocket," the flatter your final result will be. However, it will be wider.
    • Creating a smaller "pocket" will make your final result rounder but narrower.
  3. Fold in 1/3 of the shirt and fold the sleeve back. Fold the t-shirt so that the edge of the sleeve lines up with the opposite edge of the t-shirt's collar. Then fold the sleeve back towards the edge of the t-shirt.
    • Don't worry about making the folds perfect. As long as the t-shirt fits into the pocket, imperfect folds work just fine.
  4. Repeat the process on the other side. Fold the other half of the t-shirt so that it completely overlaps with the first sleeve. Then, fold the sleeve back.
    • To make this even faster, hold the t-shirt at the shoulder seam and the bottom hem with 2 fingers. When you fold it in, the sleeve will automatically fall into place.
  5. Roll from the top of the t-shirt and tuck it into the pocket. Starting at the collar of the t-shirt, begin to roll the fabric toward the pocket. When you reach the pocket, simply tuck the roll into it.
    • Tucking the t-shirt into the pocket will help the t-shirt stay securely folded.
    • The more tightly you roll your t-shirt, the more compact it will be.

Bundling T-Shirts for Fewer Wrinkles

  1. Stack multiple t-shirts on top of each other. Lay the t-shirts one on top of the other so that they line up. Use a flat surface to more easily fold your clothes. The larger the stack, the fewer creases there will be in the middle and lower layers.
    • The shirt on the top of the stack will have the most wrinkles.
  2. Place a piece of swimwear, underwear, or socks on top of the stack to avoid creases. Lay the item flat on top of the pile. Topping the pile of t-shirts with another garment will help prevent sharp folds in your t-shirts, meaning they will have fewer creases. Use a garment that is less likely to crease on top of the pile.
    • If there are other clothes you don't want to crease, such as dress pants, button-down shirts, or dresses, you can place them at the bottom of your t-shirt pile.
  3. Fold the top t-shirt around the top layer of clothing. Fold one t-shirt sleeve over the top garment. Then fold in the other sleeve. Finally, fold the bottom of the t-shirt up to the collar.
    • This keeps the top garment in place and creates a secure bundle of clothes.
  4. Repeat this folding method for each t-shirt, layer by layer. After you fold in the first t-shirt, fold in the second t-shirt in the same way so that it encloses the first t-shirt. Continue folding each t-shirt until you reach the bottom layer.
    • After folding the last layer, you can place the pile directly into your suitcase.


  • If you want to save even more space, consider using packing cubes or compression bags.
  • Plan what outfits you want to wear rather than packing a lot of random shirts since it will make your suitcase more cluttered.
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