How to Display a Horseshoe

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30-09-2016, 22:05
This is for all those horse lovers out there or just for people who want to have a go. We all know that most horses have metal horse shoes here is a way to display a horseshoe!


  1. Get an old horseshoe (or a new one if you want.) A horseshoe from your horse/pony or a horseshoe from your favourite pony/horse at a riding school will make if extra special.
  2. Clean the horseshoe. Try get all the dirt off the horseshoe with soap and water you can even polish it if you want.
  3. Paint and decorate the horseshoe. Firstly paint the horseshoe i your favourite colour and decorate it with anything you like: sequins, feathers, shells, glitter etc... (you do not have to decorate your horseshoes)
  4. Find a place to proudly hang your horseshoe (preferably inside) you can rest it on a shelf or even hang it up with a nail. (make sure the horseshoe looks like the letter U not the letter n for good luck)
  5. Enjoy a pretty reminder of a horse/pony while getting good luck!


  • Get an undamaged horseshoe
  • Use strong glue


  • Do not put the horseshoe the wrong way round YOU WILL GET BAD LUCK!

Things You'll Need

  • A horseshoe
  • Paint - strong
  • Glue - strong
  • decorations (sequins, glitter etc...)
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