How to Preserve Rose Petals

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7-11-2020, 18:00
Whether presented as a gift or grown in a garden, roses may represent fond memories for many people. If you prefer not to part with your roses, there are several ways to preserve them. You can use gels and sands to dry out of the roses. You can also use heat to preserve them. Professional services are also available if you want the scent and color of your roses to remain intact.

Dehydrating Petals with Gels and Sands

  1. Dehydrate petals with silica gel. Silica gel, which can be purchased at most craft stores, can easily be used to preserve rose petals. You'll need a large package of silica gel and an airtight, sealable container.
    • Place an inch of silica gel at the bottom of an airtight container. Then, add the rose petals.
    • Add about another half inch of silica gel, completely covering the flowers. Place the lid on the container and set aside in a safe place away from pets or children.
    • It can take anywhere from two to seven days for flowers to dry completely. At this point, they can be removed and used in crafts. Wetter, larger petals will take longer to dry than smaller, dryer ones.
  2. Dry out petals with borax and sand. Borax and sand can also be used to preserve rose petals. As silica gel can be a hazard to pets and children, you may feel safer with this method. You'll need to buy fine sand and borax powder at a local craft store. Once again, you'll also need a container. However, you'll be leaving the container uncovered so it does not need to be sealable or airtight.
    • Sift the borax first, making sure to remove all the lumps. Then, mix the borax and sand. You should use a mixture of 2 parts borax, 1 part fine sand.
    • Line one inch of the borax/sand mixture on the bottom of your container. Add the rose petals. Then, cover them completely with borax and sand. You'll need about half an inch.
    • This method takes slightly longer to work than the silica gel method. You'll have to set your open container aside for 14 to 17 days before the petals dry completely.
  3. Preserve petals using cat litter. A plain, dust-free cat litter can also help preserve rose petals. You would use the same layering process as you used with silica gel. Line the bottom of an airtight, sealable container with an inch of cat litter. Then, add the rose petals. Then, add another half inch of cat litter. Seal the container and set aside for two to seven days.
    • If you have cats, make sure to place the container out of their reach. If they see a container full of litter, they may assume it's for them and try to get into it.
  4. Place the petals in borax and white corn meal. Borax can also be mixed with white corn meal to preserve flowers. Mix the borax and corn meal with a 50/50 ratio. Then, line an inch of the mixture on the bottom of a container. Add the rose petals. Cover with another half inch. Set the container aside, uncovered, for 14 to 17 days.

Drying Out Petals Using Heat

  1. Dry the roses in the oven. You can also use an oven to dry out petals. This method is quicker than air drying, but may cause more discoloration. To start, heat your oven to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Arrange the petals in a layer on a cookie sheet. Make sure the petals are not touching.
    • Place the cookie sheet in the oven. Heat the roses for at least 3 hours, keeping the oven door open the entire time.
    • Remove the tray and set it aside in a safe place where it's unlikely to be disturbed. Leave overnight. There should be no more moisture on the flowers by morning.
  2. Iron the petals. An iron can also help dry out flowers for preservation. However, this flattens the petals significantly. If you don't want to distort the shape, you may want to try another method.
    • To start, heat your iron to its lowest setting. Do not add water to the iron. If there is any water in the iron, empty it.
    • Place the flowers between two sheets of absorbent paper. Use a book to flatten them slightly. Then, press the iron on top of the absorbent sheets for 10 to 15 seconds. Do not make any gliding motions. Simply press the iron down.
  3. Heat a flower press in the microwave. A microwave can also help dry out flower petals for preservation. This process is very quick, which is its main advantage. However, pressing flowers under a microwave can cause them to brown.
    • You should buy a professional microwave flower press, which you can buy online or at a local craft store, for the best results. However, if you don't have a professional flower press you can make one by placing the petals between two ceramic tiles. From there, you can tie the tiles together with non-flammable string or twine.
    • Place the press in the microwave. Heat it for 30 to 60 seconds at a time. Allow the press to cool off completely between sessions.
    • Check the flowers periodically. Once they appear completely dry, you can remove them and use them for craft purposes.

Trying Other Methods

  1. Air dry the roses. You can use natural heat to dry rose petals. This method can take slightly longer than others, but may require less work on your part.
    • To preserve petals, you need to set them on a surface that allows air circulation. You can use a wire cookie rack or a window screen, for example.
    • Set the petals across the surface, making sure they're not touching each other. Then, find a warm and dark place to set the petals aside. Choose a place out of reach of children and animals. You do not want the petals to get disturbed during the drying process.
    • It will take 10 to 20 days for the petals to dry completely. If you're drying more petals, it will take longer.
  2. Press the petals between books. If you don't mind investing some extra time, you can press flowers between a book and set aside for a few weeks. To start, place the petals between two pieces of absorbent paper. Make sure they are not touching. Then, place the paper and petals between the pages of a heavy book. A phone book works well.
    • Place a brick or other heavy item on top of the book to weigh it down.
    • Once a week, replace the absorbent papers. It will take the petals a few weeks to completely dry.
  3. Purchase and use a dehydrator. A quality dehydrator, while expensive, is one of the best means to preserve petals without harming their appearance. You can purchase a dehydrator online or at a local craft shop. Set the dehydrator to its lowest heat setting and then place the petals inside. Allow the dehydrator to dry them and then remove.
  4. Consider professional freeze-drying. Professional freeze-drying can be expensive. However, the rose's color and scent will remain preserved if you use this method. If the rose petals are particularly important to you, you may want to put your money towards professional freeze drying.


  • The color of the petals will darken when they are dried. Red petals may appear almost black, pink petals will be deep mauve, and white petals may be ivory or yellow.
  • If you dry petals or flowers in the sunlight, they will get brown parts. Hang them in the dark, or put a brown paper bag over the flowers to keep the colors more vibrant.
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