How to Come Up with Ideas for a Virtual Pet Site

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30-09-2016, 23:10
Lots of people want to make pets for their own virtual pet site. Sometimes it may seem hard to come up with ideas or find programs that will let you draw them. This article will help you.


  1. Think of some pets that girls and boys would like.
  2. Draw the eyes of the pets then think of the color.
  3. The body of the pets can have Amour, Spikes, scales, wings, etc.
  4. Pets don't have to have tails, but sometimes the tails make them look better, add other features to the tails, spikes, scales, etc.
  5. Real animals can inspire you to come up with your pets. Like using a plain old pony to be come a majestic horse with a flaming mane.
  6. Name the pet. Think of a good name that will draw users to it.
  7. Recopy the pet, as best as you can, on a program like Microsoft Paint, which is preloaded into almost all computers, or GIMP.
  8. Save your pet on your documents.
  9. Now you have some pets to put on your pet site!


  • Make sure the pets have some detail put into them or they'll look plain.
  • Here are some examples of detail: Spikes, scales, color, shimmering, glowing, fire, amour, slime, wings, etc.
  • Users are drawn to Pets that are cool, cute, scary, or even mystical.


  • Be ready if your pets are made fun of, some people don't appreciate how hard others work.
  • Don't use images from other websites.
  • Don't add too much detail though!
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