How to Send Items from China to Malaysia with DHL

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30-09-2016, 23:20
Nowadays, more and more people choose DHL delivery services for their packages from China to Malaysia. When you are going to send items with DHL, you will have to consider quite a few things. Following are the main steps on how to ship via DHL.


  1. Choose the type of shipping in advance. There are four types of DHL shipping, which include air freight, ocean freight, road freight and rail freight. You can select one of them on the basis of your shipping needs.
  2. Select the DHL shipping services. Optional services include insurance, pick-up and delivery on weekends or holiday, etc.
  3. Calculate the shipping price. The shipping price will be determined between the actual weight and volume weight. Generally, the shipping price will be calculated according to the heavier one. You should weight the package and measure the dimensions.
  4. Pack your goods. It is important to pack the goods on the basis of the requirements. For the packaging, you can get the specialized packing bags or the cartons from DHL Company. Be careful with the size of the load, for oversized cargo transport have different instructions.
  5. Fill in the DHL express waybill. When ship packages internationally, you need to fill in a waybill so that it can ensure in-time, accurate and safe delivery.
  6. Arrange for the pick-up of package. You can call DHL directly to pick up the package or bring the package to the nearest location. 
  7. Pay the package. There are flexible choices for you to make the payment. You can choose the sender, recipient or the third party to pay the shipping charges, tariff, and expenses of taxation.


  • Pay attention to the shipping notes can make your shipping more smoothly and effectively.
  • You can use the tracking number in the waybill to track your shipment freely.
  • If the heavy goods are over 21 kilogram, the shipping price will be much cheaper.


  • Since the waybill plays an important role in your shipping, don’t forget to confirm the information of the waybill.
  • For DHL shipping, there are some strict limitations for the consignment of goods. You should take a look at the limitations before shipping. 
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