How to Draw Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls

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30-09-2016, 23:40
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Dipper is the 12-year old hero in the show Gravity Falls along with his twin sister, Mabel Pines. Read this article to know how to draw him.

Dipper (Full Body)

  1. Draw a circle and attach another curved line below to make a shape that looks like a kidney bean. This will serve as the head, and to help you determine the position of the face parts, draw a crossed line on it. Sketch an outline of the body below the head.
  2. Add the arms and legs.
  3. Using the crossed line as basis for proper positioning, draw two large circles with a dot on the center for the eyes. Draw curved lines for the eyebrows, an inverted C shape in between the eyes for the nose and another curved line below to make the character look like he is smirking.
  4. To make it easier, draw the hat first and the fill up the spaces with curved lines for a thick looking hair. Draw a picture of a pine tree on the front of the hat.
  5. Draw the character’s clothes and accessories.
  6. Darken desired lines and erase unnecessary ones.
  7. Color your drawing.


  • Use a sharp pencil when drawing, as it gets duller, start shading.
  • Before you start drawing the character, draw their special symbol (if they have one).


  • Don't get frustrated the first time you do it, practice makes perfect!
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