How to Make Peanut Butter and Jelly Toast

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1-10-2016, 02:05
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A quick, delicious breakfast, or a snack that can be made anywhere with a toaster, grill or even an open fire. It can be made into a double-decker sandwich as well, and it is always tasty.


  1. Plug in the toaster.
  2. Grab all of the ingredients. Set them out on the counter.
  3. Take the two slices of bread, and put them in the toaster. Toast for as long as needed to be your favorite level of toasting. While the bread is toasting, grab a plate or napkin, get your peanut butter and jelly/jam, and a knife or spoon to spread it with.
  4. Wait until the toast is done. When your bread is toasted to your liking, lay the toast on your plate, or, a breadboard. Use separate knives for each spread, to avoid leaving traces of the other spread in the opposite jar.
  5. Place the toast on a preparation surface. Using the butter knife, scoop a big hunk of peanut butter and place it on one slice of the toast. Spread so that it melts into the bread.
    • Cover the toast with as thick a layer of peanut butter as you like, use as little, or as much, as you like.
  6. Spread some jelly/jam on your toast, overlapping the peanut butter. Evenly distribute the two spreads. Press together to form the toasted sandwich.
  7. Finished. Enjoy your snack.


  • Peanut butter, any brand, crunchy or smooth
  • Jam or jelly, choose any flavor you would like
  • Two slices of bread


  • Try not to use too much of the jelly/jam and peanut butter, because it can create a sticky mess.
  • Wheat bread tastes delicious with this combination.
  • Make sure that you clean up. Wipe down the counter, put away the ingredients used, put the toaster back and wash the knife/plate used.


  • Don't lick the the knife clean, you might cut yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly/jam
  • Toaster
  • Paper plate / plate
  • Napkin
  • Knife
  • Spoon (to spread jelly/jam, if desired)
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