How to Make a Picture Frame Vase

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1-10-2016, 04:40
Looking for something more 3-dimensional to hang on the walls? Add interest and texture to your room by creating framed wall vases. You won’t stock these frames with real flowers but can add interesting painted twigs or unique silk flowers to make the project come to life.

Consider Your Design and Find Your Supplies

  1. Identify an area that you plan to add your masterpiece. Look for a sparsely populated area on the wall for your framed vase.
  2. Determine how you will assemble your framed piece. You could mount a picture frame directly on the wall and then float the vase in the middle or you could purchase a framed picture, remove the glass and mount the vase in the middle.
  3. Search for flowers or contents to fill your vase. What kind of expression are you hoping to make with your artwork and what kind of flowers and color will compliment your style.
  4. Consider what kind of vase will work best. Not only should you take size into account, you should also consider actual shape. For the most part, a rectangular vase or a vase with a flat back works well in terms of mounting.
  5. Visit the craft store and purchase supplies. Pick up frame, vase, flowers and paint. You will also need a picture hanging kit for the frame.
  6. Hit the hardware store to purchase heavy duty spray mount adhesive. Make sure the spray mount is compatible for mounting glass objects.

Create Your Art

  1. Create a plan as to how you will create the frame. If you are planning to mount the vase to the back of a picture frame, prep the backing by painting it. Allow paint to dry before adhering it to the frame backing.
  2. Spray the back of the clean vase and place it in the middle of the picture frame. Make sure both the vase and the backing are clean and free of debris.
    • Lay the frame with vase down on a flat surface so it can dry. You don’t want to stand it up or hang it until it is completely dry.
  3. Hang the picture hanger on the wall. Find a level area and tap the hanger kit into place.
  4. Stand the picture frame upward (once it’s fully dry) and add flowers. Arrange the flowers before hanging on the wall.


  • Instead of painting your backing, you could decoupage or cover it with pictures/photos.
  • Mount an empty frame directly to the wall and then mount the glass vase directly to the wall. This provides a more permanent piece but may look very pleasing.
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