How to Meet Quality Men on the Internet

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1-10-2016, 05:10
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Men! When it comes to meeting new women on the internet, too many men behave like little wolves and piggies, seeking only to find the super-thin babe with long legs, a dazzling smile and extremely large attributes that'll make Dolly Parton pea-green with envy. So how do you find a good man via the internet? By being smarter than the average girl.


  1. Make a list of the spiritual qualities that you want to find in a man. In other words, compose a mission statement and spare no detail. This really is the most important first step, for it helps you organize your thoughts. It all starts with YOU.
  2. Pay attention to the thoughts that you think about men. Have you decided that they're all pigs and swine and wolves? If so, why would you want one in your life? Be grateful for every good guy you see out there - whether he's married or not - for it's proof that there are still good guys in the world.
  3. Find Joy through others. When you see another sister getting married to a good guy, be grateful and rejoice with her! The Buddhists call this Mudita - it's the practice of finding joy in someone else's happiness and it's a good habit to establish.
  4. Start paying very close attention to those Internet profiles and send out a few letters of your own. Beautiful women are inundated with emails from men, but men get very few emails from intelligent women. Be proactive. Be assertive. Above all, be true to your authentic self.
  5. Be your authentic, real self. Inner beauty really does magnetize and inner beauty comes from being your real authentic self.
  6. Stop paying attention to dating books that tell you how to make yourself more appealing to a man. Start paying attention to those whispers of the soul. Listen to your heart. If you're a proactive woman, behave like a proactive woman. Above all, don't "act." Be real. The Latin word for "personality" is the same word for the mask that actors wore in a play. Don't don your "personality mask" just to get a man. It's futile, frustrating and leads to misery for all parties involved.
  7. Stop talking so much. On a first date, your job is not to blather on about yourself but to listen. The words "silent" and "listen" have the same letters. We must be "silent" sometimes in order to be a good listener. Women have a tendency to be the talkers. A first date is a great place to break that pattern. You're there to learn about him.
  8. Ask for a little heavenly help and ask the questions that you feel lead to ask. If you're nervous and on edge, you might candidly ask Mr. Wonderful if anyone has ever taken out a restraining order against him. You'll be shocked at how many men reply, "Yes."
  9. Ask how the last relationship ended, and then get quiet and really listen to the answer. Men will reveal a lot about themselves by the answer they give to this question.
  10. Pay attention to how men talk about the former girlfriends in their life. If a man uses ugly words to describe his former loves - or worse - the mother of his sweet little children, this is a huge warning sign!
  11. Pay attention to how men treat other people - such as wait-staff - for this is exactly how they'll eventually treat you.
  12. Learn to listen to those "whispers of the soul" and trust that you're smart enough and wise enough to stay away from the bad guys.
  13. Write a beautiful profile. Be honest. Be a little cheeky and sassy. Be bold. And for gosh sakes, don't start your profile with these three words, "I am a...." Start your profile with a favorite poem or quote. Be original.
  14. Show that you're smart enough to use the Queen's English properly. Intelligence is very attractive. An error-ridden profile is a real turn-off to smart men and women. If you don't know how to write, get some help from someone who knows the rules of grammar. This is a major point!


  • Remember what Thelma and Louise said, "You get what you settle for." Don't settle.
  • Don't rush. There are things worse than being alone, such as being with an emotionally unattractive man.
  • Remember what your best qualities are, and remember, you're a class act and a real catch and an authentic treasure. You deserve someone who sees that you're the woman he's spent a lifetime hoping for and praying about.
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