How to Make an Elephant Fly in Halo 3

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1-10-2016, 05:15
The Elephant on halo 3 is a massive cargo carrier thing that only makes an appearance in the Sandtrap map. There are several ways to mess around with it, all of which result in a bizarre and spectacular show.


  1. Go to forge and start a session on Sandtrap. The first thing you want to do is delete all the fusion coils and plasma batteries that are on the map. Then, drive one of the elephants out to a flat open area. Next, stack every single fusion coil in the middle of the bottom floor, but spread them all over the middle or else it won't work, and don't forget to set the respawn time to 10 seconds and the maximum/minimum time to the highest number.
  2. Go to the front of the elephant and stack all of the plasma batteries in the front, basically right next to the fusion coils. Set the times for respawn just like the fusion coils.
  3. Go to the back of the elephant again and shoot at only one of the fusion coils, then stand back and watch the most amazing form of the flying elephant. It will do flips and rise up really high, then fall down and rise up again, and it usually makes its way around the map, unless you do it a certain way.
  4. Another way is to put as much junk as you can pile on and try to drive it. What typically happens is called "LAG" which is when you have to much stuff together and causes the elephant to "LAG" into the ground. After awhile the game will get angry or whatever and make your elephant barrel roll, but in the more severe cases, the lag can send your elephant across the entire map. This is considered to be a relative to the "Bump", which is the annoying "bump" that items do when you try to form objects with turret cases and stuff like that, and it usually screws everything up and makes it all fall down.
  5. One of the more simple ways to fly the elephant is to simply take a scorpion, warthog, or anything else with a good size and hold on to it as you make it get stuck in a corner or where the driver is and fly away, and the elephant should follow you wherever you go.


  • If you really want to have fun with the flying elephant, set a spawn point in the elephant and set off the fusion coils. As the elephant freaks out up in the air, go around the map and delete all the other spawn points except one, then if you die and spawn in the elephant you get a good view of the map from the elephant's perspective.
  • If you decide to try the "Lag" method, stack single crates and stuff like that in neat rows and columns, and try to ignore the bump as it will always screw with your efforts to build.


  • With the "Lag" method you should keep all other players away from the elephant when you drive it fully loaded, or else when it flips it could crush and destroy all people and vehicles in its way.
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