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How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in California
Section 8 is a federal program that helps people pay their rent. If approved, you receive a voucher that the state’s housing authority pays directly to your landlord. You then pay the difference in the rent. To apply, visit your local housing authority and complete an application. Because demand for vouchers is heavy in California, you should also consider applying for public housing.
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How to Know if Someone Is Online on Snapchat
This wikiHow teaches you how to check if someone is online on Snapchat by looking for chat, message delivery, and typing indicators.
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How to Dye Your Beard
Having a beard can be an excellent fashion statement that can totally change your look. However, there may be times that you want to change your beard's color but aren't sure how to do it. If you've ever wanted to cover up gray hairs or change your beard's color, doing it is easier than it looks, even with no experience. By preparing your beard correctly and following the right methods
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How to Be Culturally Sensitive when Traveling Abroad
Travel is an extraordinary thing. But when you’re visiting a different country for the first time, there’s always a risk of offending the native population by failing to observe customs that are normal for them, or by not being aware of aspects of your own culture that might be considered rude or out of place. Few things are more embarrassing than disrupting someone’s way of life simply
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How to Cope with Social Anxiety at the Gym
Expert Reviewed Engaging in regular exercise is not only beneficial for your physical well-being, but it is important for your mental and emotional state, too. Exercise can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety disorders, as well as depression, panic disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, going to the gym to exercise can be difficult for those who have social anxiety
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How to Have a Healthy Conversation About Exes with Your Current Partner
Expert Reviewed Talking about past relationships with your current partner can be tricky. If you’ve just started dating someone, you should keep conversations about former partners to a minimum and instead allow your relationship to develop. Once you’re in an established relationship, you can have a healthy conversation about exes by being aware of your motivations, establishing ground
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Twitter allows you to save a frequent search. This can come in very handy, but, of course, sometimes you may want to remove an old saved search. Luckily, doing so isn't difficult.
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If you have find yourself often searching for the same things on Twitter, you might want to save those searches. You'll be able to come back to them time and time again, without retyping the search.
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If you're out and about wearing your Apple Watch but don't want to hear or disturb others with its noises, you can simply turn off the sound. This wikiHow will tell you how that's done.
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How to Cope if You Have Rejection Sensitivity
Human beings have a natural urge to belong. So, when someone rejects you, it’s common to feel hurt, embarrassed or angry. Some people, however, are especially sensitive to rejection from others. Rejection sensitive people may perceive rejection in innocent situations, and even react with hostility. If you’re extremely sensitive to rejection, you can learn to cope by finding appropriate
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