How to Find Happiness As an Introvert

Expert Reviewed Introverts are typically misunderstood and are mistaken as anti-social people who don’t enjoy spending time with others. As a result, they can feel scrutiny that can affect their happiness. But introverts are just as valuable and exceptional as extroverts. You can achieve happiness by accepting and appreciating your personality, explaining your preferences, and putting yourself out there.

How to Reduce Debt Using a Balance Transfer

Using a balance transfer might be a good way to reduce your debt. Some credit card companies offer a low or 0% introductory APR for a limited amount of time, which will allow you to contribute more to your debt. Find a credit card to transfer your balance to and then identify which debts you want to transfer. Remember to use all money available to pay down your debt as soon as possible. After the promotional period ends, you will be charged interest again on your debt.